Thursday, 12 November 2009

Bubble bath?

I love Bubble bath! I think there is nothing better than to coming home after a long days work, have your boyfriend run you a bath and diving into a paradise of bubbles!

So for those of you who like Bubble baths like I do heres a little post for you.

I’m always on the look out for the best bubble baths around and to be honest so far I’ve had pretty pathetic bubbles. I am known for tipping nearly the whole bottle in one bath because I really do just love to be surrounded in bubbles.

Now this is a new bubble bath iv recently got and I am liking it alot although the bubbles aren’t massive, I don’t have to tip a whole bottle in to see a result.

So this is the ones I’ve been using:

You can get these one Asos for £2.00 or I got mine from pound stretcher at the same price. For their smell I’d say it’s okay not great but okay, the raspberry has a much more stronger smell then the strawberry.

But..... The best part I have to say is that they have recipes on the front of how to make a strawberry cheese cake or a raspberry pavlova which I think is a lovely touch.

All in all until I find the perfect bubble bath, these will have to do.

There is also a few other flavours I haven’t tried:

I want to ask you if you know of any good brands and if you enjoy relaxing in bubble land.

Take care x


  1. Thats so cute that they have recipes on! If they did a coconut one I'd be sold! Although I have been loving creme brulee lattes lately I might try that one! x

  2. OMG Strawberry Cheesecake..I love cheesecake and wouldn't mind showering in it lol. x

  3. These are very similar to the line sold at Morrisons & Tescos. Having said that i have tried both & they both smell synthetic to me which i don't like at all :( Philosophy gels in the bottles are amazing, they lather a treat & give so many bubbles and they smell amazing just like the real thing which is what a scent should smell like - Have you tried Lush? The do bubble bars and give amazing bubbles also