Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Teacup madness.

I wanted to share with you all this beautiful little necklace I picked up from Accessorize because I simply love it! It’s so adorable and so small. The necklace is the shape of a little teacup and spoon and the detail is just really lovely. The teacup is a baby pink with dark pink and blue flowers with a gold edging to make it look older. The spoon is a solid gold colour with little dots around the edge. The necklace itself is slightly longer than the average size necklace and has the Accessorize sign of an ‘A’ on a little gold oval shape. I really do love this little piece of jewellery as it’s so dainty and simply cute! It’s defiantly a favourite.

Accessorize - £6.00

Take care x.

Shopping haul.

First things first a big sorry for the very late update I’ve been too busy for my own good so I am finally relaxing at the hands of my blog and yes I’ve been shopping! But for clothes yes a big bundle of summer clothes. After waking up in massive heat wave I jumped at the chance to wear pretty much nothing and realised I had hardly any clothes for the hot whether hmm what will I do aha. Well of course I had to go shopping and I thought I would share a few of the items I got because I got some bargains in the masses of sales and I really like them.

So here we go ill start with the Topshop items. I saw this top on Lollipop26 blog and I fell in love with it, it’s a really pretty summer top plus it’s smart enough for work or nights out.

It has a really gorgeous petal design around the collar and it’s a really nice light cream colour throughout. I really really love this top it’s now my favourite for the month, so thanks to Lollipop26 for posting it on her blog because I love it.

Topshop - £28.00

This dress I picked up for a doo that my mum is having to celibate her anniversary and my dad’s birthday and I have to say I’m really impressed, I was going for the prom style look but I really like this formal modern looking dress.

It’s a gorgeous dark blue colour with a thin black ribbon around the middle with a tiny flat bow in the centre. It has a straight style so it gives the effect of looking taller and skinnier which I think is always a bonus for me. Plus it was in the Kate moss section which is awesome. Although the price is a little pricey I defiantly think it’s worth it.

Topshop - £50.00

Next stop Jane Norman, id been after this top id seen a while back in there but I didn’t really want to pay £28.00 for it because I wasn’t sure it was worth it but like I said before about bargains I got one! It was in the sale for £11.00 and I just couldn’t say no.

I love the light material and the slight bagginess plus the length is great to wear with leggings. The Paris design is gorgeous and I really like the black and crème together.

Jane Norman - £11.00

After getting the really pretty blue dress from TopShop I realised I had to get matching blue shoes of course! And I happen to walk passed Peacocks and see this really bright but lovely pear of high heel shoes and knew straight away they would be perfect.

The colour was a gorgeous bright blue colour and a good large heel.

Peacocks - £15.00

So for my bargains I went into INNOVATIONS where they sell really cheap clothes that look just as good as the designer ones.

I saw this bow top in Quiz for £16.00 but they had it £4.00 cheaper so I thought I may as well pay less for something that looks exactly the same as the full prices one. I love the light material again and the length is perfect and I could even wear it as a dress. The bow is very in with the blues, reds and whites and I just love bows so it’s perfect.


I then found an Anker top and I really liked it because it was slightly thicker a more unusual and just completely different from anything I had ever had before so again I found a great barging.


So I’ve had a really good days shopping and I’ve come home with some really nice tops for summer as well as some gorgeous shoes for my mum’s doo, and like always I recommend all of these they defiantly are worth the money.

Take care x.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

NYX websites.

I’ve been after some NYX products for a while now as they are so cheap! Plus they are extremely good quality products! I decided to just go for it and order some from their official website (http://www.nyxcosmetics.com/) but then it all went downhill. I was sorting out the payment and you have to type in your address and that was when I found out they don’t ship to the United Kingdom ‘BUMMER!’ So I’ve been emailing NYX and asking if they would ship to the UK but unfortunately they apologised and said they were unable to but they did give me two other email addresses to get in contact with to see if they can help me locate the product in the UK or at least a website that will ship to the UK. I am still awaiting an email from both companies so I can’t tell you about what they said. In the mean time I did some of my own research on ‘google.com’ and SUCSESS I have found a few websites which ship NYX products to the UK the only down side is... they don’t have the nude colours I wanted *grrrr* anyway I am still looking but I thought I would give you the names of the websites as I’m sure not everyone wants nude lips so here you are guys:


I would recommend ‘NonpareilBoutique.com’ as I have ordered from them and they were really fast the only thing was they don’t sell nude colours! So the lipsticks I ordered are no good for me. But at least you guys in the UK might be able to order some but for those of you in the USA or anywhere else in the world you can order straight off the NYX website.

I hope this helps some of you! Also if anyone knows where I can get ‘Circe’ or ‘Rea’ in there nude lipsticks I would be very grateful!

Take care x

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Body butter love x3! And 50% off!!

This is another body shop haul sorry guys I know its getting boring but this is a real treat!

Body shop At Home are doing a special offer of 50% off on five of their body butters which work out at £6.10 each!! They are being advertised as new but they have actually been out before. I found three purple colored containers and fell in love with there smell and I can honestly say to you get them you will love them I have already ordered them all! The three amazing body butters where ‘Passion Fruit,’ ‘Raspberry!’ and ‘Pomegranate.’ They do actually smell exactly like there fruit which doesn’t always happen with body butters but I promise these smell exactly like them and are so nice I can’t tell you enough how nice they are. I would have to say my favorite is the ‘Raspberry’ because it really is a strong raspberry smell its not like a hint it really is a full on Raspberry moisturize which is great if you like to give a rich powerful flavor to you skin if not I would recommend the other two as they have a much more natural smell but just as nice! There are also two other body butters on the offer ‘Peach’ and ‘Almond’ which I haven’t tried yet so I couldn’t give you a comment on them. Just so you know this offer is only on the ‘Body Shop At Home’ and not the ‘Body shop’ for the moment it is possible that the Body Shop will be doing the same offer but as I don’t work there I couldn’t give you a definite yes or no answer. So if you are wanting to get a hold of these products type in google.com and search ‘the body shop at home’ and you will be able to find them there.
So again I 100% recommend getting these three body butters as they are on offer but not for long and also there are the two other flavors which you may like as well. Plus this offer is also on Body scrub & polish, shower gels, fragrances & body sprays and also body lotions so defiantly check it out if you’re a body shop fan as I am!

Take care x

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Body shop haul!

This morning I received a rather nice package for the Body shop! I had ordered a product from the Body shop and instead of just getting the one product my very kind mother ordered me the other five products I wanted.

My package came with:
Vitamin E Face Mist - £6.85
Deep Sleep Dreamy Pillow & Body Mist - £9.75
The Body Shop Foundation Brush - £11.25
Peppermint Smoothing Pumice Foot Scrub - £6.85
Peppermint Cooling Foot Lotion - £7.80
Vitamin C Eye Reviver - £8.80

Vitamin E Face Mist description: ‘With panthenol to soften and rosewater to refresh. Close your eyes and spray on face. Excellent for setting make up.’ I would defiantly agree with the description, I find myself spraying this on all day as it feels so nice and refreshing. It does help to keep my make up on as well which is always a good thing! In terms of smell it doesn’t really have one but for this product I really don’t think it needs one. I really recommend this as Vitamin E is very good for you.

Deep sleep dreamy pillow and body mist description: ‘Spray onto body, pillow or sheets before bedtime. Night-time movement releases the natural fragrance.’ This was something I wanted to try as iv being having some sleeping problems, I haven’t actually tried this yet so I can’t comment on it but I will do a separate review another time for you.

The Body Shop Foundation Brush, there is no description for this as there is no need but I really wanted this as it is a cheaper solution to buying Mac brusher. Body shop brushes are extremely soft and last a very long time, they are just like Mac brushes just that little bit cheaper in fact when I was in Mac they even recommend these brushes. I do recommend getting one as they will last you a long time.

Peppermint Smoothing Pumice Foot Scrub description: ‘Intensely exfoliating volcanic rock to smooth and soften even the roughest of skin.’ I one 100% agree with that description it really does work I used the tiniest amount and you could honestly see the difference straight away. I do recommend this if you have dry feet or simply if you’re like me and you crave soft skin everywhere! It has an extremely strong peppermint smell so if you don’t like peppermint I wouldn’t recommend it but I happen to think it’s a rather nice smell.

Peppermint Cooling Foot Lotion description: ‘Community trade cocoa butter and smoothing grape acids keep feet soft and smooth all day long, peppermint oil refreshes and revives.’ This lotion is very soft and feels so nice it really does last the whole day. Again it has a peppermint smell but not as strong, it leaves my feet feeling refreshed and smooth and again I do recommend this for those of you who have dry skin or just like nice smooth skin like me.

Vitamin C Eye Reviver description: ‘Brightening radiance boost.’ This was a product that I wanted to try so again I will be doing a separate review for you all on how I got on. Vitamin C is another good Vitamin for your skin, so any Vitamin E or C products are worth getting!

So I am very happy with everything I got and for the ones I have not yet tried I’m looking forward to trying them and telling you how I got on, but for the ones I do know and have used I honestly recommend them although there prices are a little high they will last you and do what you want them to do.

Take care x

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Cucumber my eyes love you!

A quick solution to stop puffy eyes. Sometimes when you’re a little tearful or very run down from not sleeping you’re eyes can quite often become enlarged and puffy on the outer top lid and lower lid, which can sometimes cause the top lid to droop making your eyes seem smaller. I’ve had this problem a few days now from not sleeping well and i found nothing works better then two slices of cucumber! Just plane grocery store cucumber no creams, no nothing just simply place the cucumber over your eyes and relax. I would recommend having a nice bubble bath and using a nice fresh face mask and then you can simply relax in the bath with a face mask and two slices of cucumber over your eyes. You should leave your cucumber on for a maximum of half an hour and i promise you will notice a difference. This is something you could probably do every day as it is a natural remedy and does not contain harsh ingredients such as alcohol so it won’t sting at all or leave your eyes red like some creams may do. So its quick, it works and its simply perfect after a long hard day just to come home and relax. So to all you girls take some time out and relax.

Take care x

Monday, 1 June 2009

No more oily skin!

Like most girls my age I suffer from oily skin in hot weather, I’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work. ..Until today! I came across a body shop shine control in my sister’s bedroom and decided to give it ago. The product is called 'Seaweed daily shine control moisture cream,' I’ve had it on all day under my makeup and I was amazed that all through the day I had a perfect matt finished make up with no grease! This really made me love sunny weather again!

The description on the back says exactly what I would say:
‘This light, oil-free moisturiser helps to control shine and leaves skin feeling fresh.’

The formulation is really light which is a key thing for any shine free moisturisers and it gives a really nice texture and a nice fresh feeling all day. It really is the perfect moisturiser for oily skin on a hot or cold day and I really recommend it!

Because I found this product in my sister’s room I don’t actually know how much it would cost to buy at the body shop but if anyone is interested I can find out the price for you as my mum has started doing body shop parties again.

Take care x