Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Shopping haul.

First things first a big sorry for the very late update I’ve been too busy for my own good so I am finally relaxing at the hands of my blog and yes I’ve been shopping! But for clothes yes a big bundle of summer clothes. After waking up in massive heat wave I jumped at the chance to wear pretty much nothing and realised I had hardly any clothes for the hot whether hmm what will I do aha. Well of course I had to go shopping and I thought I would share a few of the items I got because I got some bargains in the masses of sales and I really like them.

So here we go ill start with the Topshop items. I saw this top on Lollipop26 blog and I fell in love with it, it’s a really pretty summer top plus it’s smart enough for work or nights out.

It has a really gorgeous petal design around the collar and it’s a really nice light cream colour throughout. I really really love this top it’s now my favourite for the month, so thanks to Lollipop26 for posting it on her blog because I love it.

Topshop - £28.00

This dress I picked up for a doo that my mum is having to celibate her anniversary and my dad’s birthday and I have to say I’m really impressed, I was going for the prom style look but I really like this formal modern looking dress.

It’s a gorgeous dark blue colour with a thin black ribbon around the middle with a tiny flat bow in the centre. It has a straight style so it gives the effect of looking taller and skinnier which I think is always a bonus for me. Plus it was in the Kate moss section which is awesome. Although the price is a little pricey I defiantly think it’s worth it.

Topshop - £50.00

Next stop Jane Norman, id been after this top id seen a while back in there but I didn’t really want to pay £28.00 for it because I wasn’t sure it was worth it but like I said before about bargains I got one! It was in the sale for £11.00 and I just couldn’t say no.

I love the light material and the slight bagginess plus the length is great to wear with leggings. The Paris design is gorgeous and I really like the black and crème together.

Jane Norman - £11.00

After getting the really pretty blue dress from TopShop I realised I had to get matching blue shoes of course! And I happen to walk passed Peacocks and see this really bright but lovely pear of high heel shoes and knew straight away they would be perfect.

The colour was a gorgeous bright blue colour and a good large heel.

Peacocks - £15.00

So for my bargains I went into INNOVATIONS where they sell really cheap clothes that look just as good as the designer ones.

I saw this bow top in Quiz for £16.00 but they had it £4.00 cheaper so I thought I may as well pay less for something that looks exactly the same as the full prices one. I love the light material again and the length is perfect and I could even wear it as a dress. The bow is very in with the blues, reds and whites and I just love bows so it’s perfect.


I then found an Anker top and I really liked it because it was slightly thicker a more unusual and just completely different from anything I had ever had before so again I found a great barging.


So I’ve had a really good days shopping and I’ve come home with some really nice tops for summer as well as some gorgeous shoes for my mum’s doo, and like always I recommend all of these they defiantly are worth the money.

Take care x.

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  1. The nudey dress is BEAUTIFUL and I bet it looks killa on you!!! I want to see pics with you wearing it......come on lady!! lol