Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Body butter love x3! And 50% off!!

This is another body shop haul sorry guys I know its getting boring but this is a real treat!

Body shop At Home are doing a special offer of 50% off on five of their body butters which work out at £6.10 each!! They are being advertised as new but they have actually been out before. I found three purple colored containers and fell in love with there smell and I can honestly say to you get them you will love them I have already ordered them all! The three amazing body butters where ‘Passion Fruit,’ ‘Raspberry!’ and ‘Pomegranate.’ They do actually smell exactly like there fruit which doesn’t always happen with body butters but I promise these smell exactly like them and are so nice I can’t tell you enough how nice they are. I would have to say my favorite is the ‘Raspberry’ because it really is a strong raspberry smell its not like a hint it really is a full on Raspberry moisturize which is great if you like to give a rich powerful flavor to you skin if not I would recommend the other two as they have a much more natural smell but just as nice! There are also two other body butters on the offer ‘Peach’ and ‘Almond’ which I haven’t tried yet so I couldn’t give you a comment on them. Just so you know this offer is only on the ‘Body Shop At Home’ and not the ‘Body shop’ for the moment it is possible that the Body Shop will be doing the same offer but as I don’t work there I couldn’t give you a definite yes or no answer. So if you are wanting to get a hold of these products type in google.com and search ‘the body shop at home’ and you will be able to find them there.
So again I 100% recommend getting these three body butters as they are on offer but not for long and also there are the two other flavors which you may like as well. Plus this offer is also on Body scrub & polish, shower gels, fragrances & body sprays and also body lotions so defiantly check it out if you’re a body shop fan as I am!

Take care x

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