Saturday, 29 August 2009

TAGGED! by essjayarr.

I became a follower of 'essjayarr' a matter of minutes ago and i have to say i wish i found her sooner because she has a really loverly blog. Also for those who are interested she is have a compatishion to win Barry M products so i would have a look if i were you!

Now for the tag its basicaly the products your using now so here you are:

Shampoo – Gliss colour protect (leaves your hair so soft!)
Conditioner - Gliss colour protect
Styling products – Big sexy hair spray
Shower gel – Body shop shower gel in mango (smells amazing)
Body moisturiser – Body shop moisturiser in raspberry (love)
Deodorant – Adidas
Fake tan - St tropez mouse (love it!)
Cleanser – Dont really use one because using it to much creates spots
Toner - See above...
Exfoliator – Neutrogena daily scrub (really really works!)
Primer – Body Shop seaweed mattifying day cream

Foundation brush – Body shop foundation brush (so soft!)
Concealer – Elf under eye concealer and highlighter in light
Powder – Bare minerals sample
Blusher - Elf blush and bronzer compact
Bronzer – Elf bronzer in warm bronzer
Highlighter – Same as concealer
Eyeshadow base – Some times Elfs eyebrow treat and tame but i like to keep it natural
Eyeshadows – See above......
Eyeliner - Rimmel Professional Liquid Eye Liner (I do not recommend, I will be getting a different one because this one is rubish!)
Curler – Simple superdrug one
Mascara – L’Oréal paris perfection voluminous (highly recommend i love it!)
Lipstick - Barry M 101 masmallow
Lipgloss – Sallys lip diamond treatment in nude
Nail colour – Changes all the time

I thought i would take up her little tag as she tagged all her new followers, and I have to say i love tags! So of cause I tag all my followers who are reading and i hope to see your answers :).
If you would like leave your url to your answers and i shull have a look.
Thanks Essjayarr!

Take care x

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

ELF Package!!

About three days ago I purchased some products from ELF cosmetics and I’m going to be honest and say I was so amazed at the quality!! I’ve never bought a whole set of products and been 100% happy, so Elf has one my award by far.

They sell a range of different cosmetic products for out standing prices, I ended up spending £31.00 and I still want a whole load more. They even have a bonus that if you spend over £30.00 the postage is free, but even if you don’t there postage is so cheap.

I can’t help but just tell you how good they are I defiantly recommend you all take a look at their site ‘’

Now on to the goods...
So thats 14 products for £31.00 ...amazed I am!

Okay for my reviews I’ll start with my ELF ‘Studio’ range.

I got two compacts that I adore, the colours and textures are just lovely.

Blush and Bronzer Compact £3.50
This is a lovely product, the blush is a really nice baby pink but a wearable pink. I sometimes find blushers can be too harsh or to bright but I happen to think this is a nice simple pinkie blush. For the bronzer it’s a gorgeous middle tone brown which is perfect if you want that summer glow but you don’t want it to over the top, then this product is defiantly for you and me.

Bronzer £3.50
I ordered the ‘Warm Bronzer’ from the bronzer collection, I felt that this would be the right shade for me and I couldn’t be more right its perfect the tones mix together to create a simple warm tone to your skin and really gives a nice summer look.

Under Eye Concealer and Highlighter £3.50
This comes in three shades so I got the middle colour ‘glow/light’ and I’m so glad I did I was going to go for the first one which is a very pale colour but I was right in thinking it would be to light because the one I got is perfect. The concealer is easy to blend and work with and the highlight although some people are put off by the fact it’s a pure white colour I would actually say it’s great. You don’t want your highlighter to be too dark otherwise it becomes a concealer, you want it to take away the shadows from your face (nose area, eyes, lip area, brow bone ect.)

Eyebrow Treat And Tame £3.50
I went with the lightest colour for my eyebrows because my hair there is very fair. The mascara brush is really easy to work with and just brings out a little colour at a time so you don’t end up putting too much on. The second part to the product is the brow treatment which helps to restore damaged hair on the eyebrow and also helps re-growth which is a bonus for people who waxs there eyebrows too much.

Nail Polish £1.50
They have a variety of different colours to choose from so I was spoilt for choice. I decided to get ‘Light Pink’ (baby pink colour),’ Gum Pink’ (bright pink), ‘Clear’ (what it says) and ‘NEW - Mod Mauve’ (very pretty deep purple.) The nail polishes dry extremely fast which is great if you’re on the go plus you only need two-three coats which dry’s in a few minutes.

So for Elf’s normal cosmetics I got

All Over Colour Stick £1.50
Wow is all I can say with this product because you can do so many things with it, you literally can use it everywhere. There are four different colours to choose from so I choose the lightest which is ‘Lilac Peatal.’ It has a beautiful shine to it as well as an amazing sent that smells divine.

Hypershine Lip Gloss £1.50
I picked up two of these because they had some really nice colours. I picked up ‘Blossom’ and ‘Joy’ they both are lovely colours.

From left to right: 'Moisture care Bark' 'Moisture care Baby lips' 'Hypershine Joy' and 'Hypershine Blossom'

New Moisture Care Lip Colour £1.50
The difference between the Hypershine lip gloss and this one is that, this one is alot thicker and uses a sponge instead of a brush on the end. Again these had lots of really nice colours so I picked up two from there range called ‘Baby lips’ and ‘Bark.’
From left to right: 'Moisture care Bark' 'Moisture care Baby lips' 'Hypershine Joy' and 'Hypershine Blossom'

And lastly Elf’s ‘Mineral’ section

Lipstick £3.50
I picked up one of their nude lipsticks in ‘Nicely nude’ and it’s a really nice nude pink and very creamy. It does last and doesn’t feel too harsh on your lips.

So I will be ordering again and again from Elf because they are so cheap yet have beautiful products I really do recommend you have a look for yourself.

Take care x

Sunday, 23 August 2009


This is a quick update to let you all know about my surprise contest. I’ve set myself a goal of how many followers I want to get before a do this and I’m not quite there so as soon as I am you girls will have the chance to compete against each other to win some very nice prizes! I want this to be fun for all of you and I’m thinking of giving out extra prizes to those who don’t win. I hope you all like my idea when you see it later on.

Take care x

My 10 quick tips no2.

1. If puffy eyes are causing a problem try running a teaspoon under cold water, and then place it on your eye for a few seconds. Close the eye, then using the rounded edge massage gently by rolling back and forth over the eye area. Repeat this on the next eye and you will see a difference.

2. Dark circles are always a problem and never seem to go... so try this, take 2 teabags that you have already used put them in the freezer until they are cold (30 mins maybe less) then put them on your eyes. Use this tip daily and watch your dark circles fade away.

3. Pores getting you done, I no they do me so I tried this, this is my natural remedy to help pores - Ingredients: one green tomato, one table spoon of honey. Using a blender puree the tomato with the honey, apply to your clean face, and leave on for 20 minutes, then wash. You should see a difference although sometimes it takes a few goes. This solution is fine for using regularly as it is a natural remedy and doesn’t contain harsh substances.

4. Always make sure you take your make up off before going to bed, even leaving it on once can create spots and impurities the morning after.

5. If you've run out of makeup wipes simply use a baby wipe, they are just as effective plus they can also remove make up stains from clothes.

6. If you feel a spot coming quickly wrap an ice cube in a thick cloth and hold it on the suspected spot, hold it on and off for 15-20 minutes! This should spot the problem, although not always.

7. (Please note first that this next tip is for bad acne and large spot areas, not for little spots every now and again.) To help take care of enlarged skin pores you need lemon juice and orange juice. Mix the juices and apply all over your face in upward and outward stokes. Wash it after 10 minutes. This process should dry up some impurities and also clean all the dirt out. Remember not to do this too often as lemon juice can dry your face to much. This is also a good facial mask for oily skin! But again not to be used every day, once or twice a week at the most.

8. Another tip for if you’re feeling a spot coming is to try applying a small dab of Apple Cider Vinegar to the spot before bed, and you should defiantly see a difference.

9. Wearing a darker lipstick can make your teeth appear whiter!

10. Make sure to always clean your make up brushes once maybe even twice a week. You should snip away any frayed ends to give that flawless application and then wash with your favourite face wash or makeup remover for best results.

Take care x

Monday, 17 August 2009

Nail art attempt one.

My order from Mscuppycakes came a few weeks ago (review will be done soon) and two of the items I had ordered were two NYX nail art ink pots, in black and white. So I had to just dive in and try them out.

Now for the look I came up with for you (it’s my first attempt so it’s not going to be great.)

The base coat was Rimmel London’s 60 seconds vinyl stars I’m not sure the name as I’ve had it awhile its warn off. So the first thing you will need to do is coat the nails with your base coat and make sure it is 100% dry otherwise it will not work.

Next I simply used the NYX black ink pot to draw in the bottom right corner, a medium size line. The key tip for this is make sure just the brush’s tip has paint on and move slowly to avoid mistake. Once you reach the end of your line curve it over slightly.

Repeat this on each side of the line you just drew, on the top side of your line make the line longer and still curved. On the bottom side make the line smaller then the middle and curve.

Once you are happy with your black lines move to the top left of your nail. You’re going to do the whole process again except backwards.

So first things first this time start with the smallest, it makes it easier if you start with the biggest our smallest line for the top one. Now before you start, you want the white lines to be slightly smaller than the black. So repeat the whole steps of the black lines and make sure you curve at the end otherwise it will look wrong.

So the end result should look something like this (please excuse my attempt as I think I could do it abit better):

Also if you didnt like the white you could just leave it like this:

There you are I hope this helps some of you, I happen to like it alot as it reminds me of something tropical, I’m not sure why though. Hope you enjoyed it.

Take care x

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Ten for £5 + Accessorize.

Once again Claire’s Accessories are doing their offer of ten items for £5, Bargain! So I decided to get the ten things as there so good for presents.
Here’s what I got:
So basically most of it was earrings as they had loads I really liked, so seven pairs of earrings, one ankle bracelet (very cute with sandals!) And two hats. I defiantly think I got some good ones with the earrings and I will be going back again before the offer runs out again.
If you’re like me and love the offers then get on over to Claire’s they sell some great stuff in this offer and it’s usually done once or twice a month!
When I had finished in Claire’s I popped in to accessorize as the windows where covered in sale signs. I managed to get a lovely pair of brown flower tights and two pairs of disk earrings in shades of blue with brown or silver.
Defiantly got some bargains today, I do love sales!!
Take care x

Thursday, 13 August 2009


Once again it’s that time of the month were freebies become a craze! I’ve got not one but two really cute freebies for you.
Okay so for the first one:

Elle magazine! Yes they always seem to give me the goodies with their fantastic freebies, plus I do enjoy looking through at all the different styles that are going around at the moment.

Elle magazine: £3.60
Freebie: Designer Elle note pad in three different types.

Bliss magazine! This is one that I don’t always go for but I’m a sucker for bows and it had free nail polishes with very cute tiny bows on the side (how could i not get it!). I love the way it shows you how to apply certain items of make up because its great for those who need a little more help with there make up.

Bliss magazine: £2.50
Freebie: Pack of five very cute ‘pretty paints’ nail polishes.

So if your mad about freebies like I am, nows the time ladies!
Take care x

Sunday, 9 August 2009

TAGGED! by Alexandra.

So I was tagged by the one, the only, yes the lovely Alexandra from 'All things girly' I've finally have a chance to get round to doing it (busy life.)

Anyway so my tag was this:

1. First of all go to your 'Pictures' folder (I'm pretty sure you all know where it is) then simply click your first album of pictures.

2. Count down your photos to your lucky 10th number. But it must be a picture that hasn’t been tampered with or named and you can’t pick one you've already posted on blogger.

3. Lastly post your wonderful picture and tell us all the amazing story that goes with it. Sounds fun ay! Oh and don't forget to tag 5 more people when your done!

Now for my lucky 1oth picture....

Let me introduce you to..... MR TEDDY! Okay so for the soppy story. The day before valentine’s day my boyfriend told me he hated valentine’s day and didn’t want anything, so me being dumb fell for it. At midnight me and him decided to call it a night and go to bed so I went into the pitch black room. My boyfriend then turned on the light and said 'happy valentine’s day!' Sitting on my pillow were two beautiful presents, one a stunning heart shaped necklace (I never take off) and this beautiful bear. So I was super happy but felt silly I hadn’t got anything, although I did nip out later and get him a little something :D.

So there’s my little story for you I hope you enjoyed it!
But don't think your all off the hook yet! For I now have to tag 5 more people, and those lucky people are:

Sophie, Kele, Hachii, MakeupJUNKEE and SimplyNatural77

So looking forward to reading your stories girls and thank you to Alex for tagging me! Everyone should have a read of her zombie story I thought it was an amazing attempt!

Take care x

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

NYX Girls 'Sweet Pinky' (187)

This was one of the nail polishes bought while I was on holiday and I wanted to show it off because I love it! It’s such a pretty colour, in a baby pink shade with a shimmers every way you turn it. Super cute I wish I bought more! If you love baby pink nails but don't want to pay the China Glaze or OPI prices, the NYX is a definite alternative.

Take care x

Monday, 3 August 2009

Alexandra's Competition! - my entrie, i'm GREEK!!

Alexandra from ‘All things girly’ is having a giveaway!!!

I for one will defiantly be entering just for the fun of it, as i love competitions!
Now for those you who are interested and you should be cause its gunna be a fun one.
Heres what you have to do:

Basically choose which ever country you like and produce a make over that represents that country. For instance you can do a photo of yourself with your make over or a video plus you can use another picture to show the look you used or simply make it up (more fun.) You can simply paint a flag across your face (to me personally i think its more fun to create your own design.)
The details:
You must be a follower to Alexandra.
(even if your not entering her giveaway still follower her because she has a really nice blog!)

There needs to be five people entering so she can do the giveaway.
Its open worldwide.
Her giveaway will end this Friday 7th August 2009 so get to it if you want to enter!



So heres my entrie, hope you all like it i have to say i spent ages on this, first choosing a country then finding a greek women/goodess. Then drawing out how i was going to do and picking greek colours, next of cause doing it (the fun part.) I had a great fun time with this and i love everyone else entries you all look so amazing well done! and thank you to Alexandra for going to the trouble of holding this competition!

So this was the look i was going for Greek women/goddess. Hope you all enjoyed and do take part as its such a fun competition!
Take care x

China glaze 'Innocence' (202).

I thought I would show off one of my new favourite nail polishes China glaze 'Innocence' (202). Its a really pretty pinky nude colour. The only downside is it needs a few layers to get it to that colour, apart from that its perfect.

Take care x

Thanks Sophie!!

Before I went away on holiday I received an email from one of my followers Sophie telling me I had won her giveaway!! And I new as soon as I got back home I had to say thank you in a big way. I was so shocked as I’ve never won anything. So I was quick to email back with my address. Two days later I received my package from her and it just gets better!!!

It came really nicely wrapped with a really nice letter that had taken Sophie a while to write I would imagine and that to me alone was an extra loverly thing to have. But then when I opened it to grab the goodies inside there was not only the two nail polishes I had won but an Elf quattro eyeshadow in smokey shades ‘Drama,’ four blush samples ‘Cupcake’ ‘Cheeky cheeky’ ‘Doll face’ ‘Sweet cheeks’ and my favourite Lilylolo cosmetics mineral finishing powder sample ‘Flawless silk’ which I will defiantly be buying a full product of!

So I really am very grateful to Sophie for going to all that trouble in just sending it and the packaging plus all the extra goodies I’m just so happy.

So I defiantly want to show these goodies so you’ll be able to see how much effort Sophie went to!

How nice is that letter! Must have taken a little while to write.

Theres a link at the top to Sophies Blog defiantly go check her out as she has a really good blog!

So again thank you so much Sophie I do hope to one day be able to send you something.

Take care x

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Holiday madness part two – the haul!

So for the fun part...

Yes theres alot, so i'll try and keep this short and snapy...

I found an amzing shop in Doncaster called Dazzle, selling so much make up at such cheap prices! But the best thing was they sold some Nyx products and again very cheap. To keep this short i wan't be putting prices so if you would like to know feel free to email me and i will be happy to tell you.

So from top to bottom New look stargazer lipgloss, Sallys diamond lip treatment 'Baguette beige', L'oréal glam shine (400). All sticky and nude looking colour!


NYX trio eyeshadow 'Baby Blue' 'Pacific' 'Navy' (7) I love the colours!

NYX Jumbo eyeshadow pencil 'Strawberry Milk' (605) NYX slim eye/eyebrow pencil 'Baby Blue' (921)
NYX Fabulous Lashes 'Edge' (116) Flutter eyes (24)

From left to right China Glaze 'Innocence' (202) NYX girls 'Sweet pinky' (187) Sally Girl 'Angel baby' (812.) The little one is so cute and is new to Sallys beauty store so check them out!

So that was some of the make up i got i'll be giving abit more detail later on. So now for some clothes, i will be quick and just show you a few pictures.

I love these shoes! I'll be doing anouther post about them later on.
So its good to be back with you bloggers and there is going to be alot of posts so keep a look out!
Take care x