Wednesday, 26 August 2009

ELF Package!!

About three days ago I purchased some products from ELF cosmetics and I’m going to be honest and say I was so amazed at the quality!! I’ve never bought a whole set of products and been 100% happy, so Elf has one my award by far.

They sell a range of different cosmetic products for out standing prices, I ended up spending £31.00 and I still want a whole load more. They even have a bonus that if you spend over £30.00 the postage is free, but even if you don’t there postage is so cheap.

I can’t help but just tell you how good they are I defiantly recommend you all take a look at their site ‘’

Now on to the goods...
So thats 14 products for £31.00 ...amazed I am!

Okay for my reviews I’ll start with my ELF ‘Studio’ range.

I got two compacts that I adore, the colours and textures are just lovely.

Blush and Bronzer Compact £3.50
This is a lovely product, the blush is a really nice baby pink but a wearable pink. I sometimes find blushers can be too harsh or to bright but I happen to think this is a nice simple pinkie blush. For the bronzer it’s a gorgeous middle tone brown which is perfect if you want that summer glow but you don’t want it to over the top, then this product is defiantly for you and me.

Bronzer £3.50
I ordered the ‘Warm Bronzer’ from the bronzer collection, I felt that this would be the right shade for me and I couldn’t be more right its perfect the tones mix together to create a simple warm tone to your skin and really gives a nice summer look.

Under Eye Concealer and Highlighter £3.50
This comes in three shades so I got the middle colour ‘glow/light’ and I’m so glad I did I was going to go for the first one which is a very pale colour but I was right in thinking it would be to light because the one I got is perfect. The concealer is easy to blend and work with and the highlight although some people are put off by the fact it’s a pure white colour I would actually say it’s great. You don’t want your highlighter to be too dark otherwise it becomes a concealer, you want it to take away the shadows from your face (nose area, eyes, lip area, brow bone ect.)

Eyebrow Treat And Tame £3.50
I went with the lightest colour for my eyebrows because my hair there is very fair. The mascara brush is really easy to work with and just brings out a little colour at a time so you don’t end up putting too much on. The second part to the product is the brow treatment which helps to restore damaged hair on the eyebrow and also helps re-growth which is a bonus for people who waxs there eyebrows too much.

Nail Polish £1.50
They have a variety of different colours to choose from so I was spoilt for choice. I decided to get ‘Light Pink’ (baby pink colour),’ Gum Pink’ (bright pink), ‘Clear’ (what it says) and ‘NEW - Mod Mauve’ (very pretty deep purple.) The nail polishes dry extremely fast which is great if you’re on the go plus you only need two-three coats which dry’s in a few minutes.

So for Elf’s normal cosmetics I got

All Over Colour Stick £1.50
Wow is all I can say with this product because you can do so many things with it, you literally can use it everywhere. There are four different colours to choose from so I choose the lightest which is ‘Lilac Peatal.’ It has a beautiful shine to it as well as an amazing sent that smells divine.

Hypershine Lip Gloss £1.50
I picked up two of these because they had some really nice colours. I picked up ‘Blossom’ and ‘Joy’ they both are lovely colours.

From left to right: 'Moisture care Bark' 'Moisture care Baby lips' 'Hypershine Joy' and 'Hypershine Blossom'

New Moisture Care Lip Colour £1.50
The difference between the Hypershine lip gloss and this one is that, this one is alot thicker and uses a sponge instead of a brush on the end. Again these had lots of really nice colours so I picked up two from there range called ‘Baby lips’ and ‘Bark.’
From left to right: 'Moisture care Bark' 'Moisture care Baby lips' 'Hypershine Joy' and 'Hypershine Blossom'

And lastly Elf’s ‘Mineral’ section

Lipstick £3.50
I picked up one of their nude lipsticks in ‘Nicely nude’ and it’s a really nice nude pink and very creamy. It does last and doesn’t feel too harsh on your lips.

So I will be ordering again and again from Elf because they are so cheap yet have beautiful products I really do recommend you have a look for yourself.

Take care x


  1. nice choices! :)
    i haven't tried their new studio line but heard good reviews about them :) the blush is very tempting! :)
    i own some of their brushes and one of my fav is their eyeshadow brush! :)

  2. You should definatly have a look at there studio range they have some amazing things! :D


  3. Wow awesome goodies! I have good things about their bronzer and brushes.