Sunday, 2 August 2009

Holiday madness part two – the haul!

So for the fun part...

Yes theres alot, so i'll try and keep this short and snapy...

I found an amzing shop in Doncaster called Dazzle, selling so much make up at such cheap prices! But the best thing was they sold some Nyx products and again very cheap. To keep this short i wan't be putting prices so if you would like to know feel free to email me and i will be happy to tell you.

So from top to bottom New look stargazer lipgloss, Sallys diamond lip treatment 'Baguette beige', L'oréal glam shine (400). All sticky and nude looking colour!


NYX trio eyeshadow 'Baby Blue' 'Pacific' 'Navy' (7) I love the colours!

NYX Jumbo eyeshadow pencil 'Strawberry Milk' (605) NYX slim eye/eyebrow pencil 'Baby Blue' (921)
NYX Fabulous Lashes 'Edge' (116) Flutter eyes (24)

From left to right China Glaze 'Innocence' (202) NYX girls 'Sweet pinky' (187) Sally Girl 'Angel baby' (812.) The little one is so cute and is new to Sallys beauty store so check them out!

So that was some of the make up i got i'll be giving abit more detail later on. So now for some clothes, i will be quick and just show you a few pictures.

I love these shoes! I'll be doing anouther post about them later on.
So its good to be back with you bloggers and there is going to be alot of posts so keep a look out!
Take care x

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