Thursday, 29 October 2009

Getting to know me.....

I wanted to do a little post to help you all get to no me abit better. Also to get back in the swing of things as I haven’t been able to get some spear time for blogger this past week so here’s a couple of facts for you about me and if you would like to do the same feel free to do so.

I’ll start with one of my favourite foods, which is of cause.......

I for one love Sushi, I can eat as much as I like without feeling bad because Sushi is full of good things and really healthy.

Strawberries!! Yes a second healthy favourite that I really could just keep munching and munching away on.

Another favourite would be my boyfriends homemade rolled lamb stew, it is one of the nicest things I’ve ever had. Plus it’s dead cheap to make.

Lastly you can’t beat a good Chinese or a big slap up Christmas dinner I love em.

Moving on to my favourite TV programs.
For this without a doubt it’s going to have to be...


I love this program to the bone I think it’s so interesting all the things that happen and I love the fact it takes you away so you can get lost and hocked on something that is different to a normal TV soap.

In all honesty Supernatural is probably one of the only things I watch as I don’t get much time for TV. Although I will sit down to a good dose of smallville or masterchef.

Onto films....
In all honesty I don’t have a film that stands out as being my favourite. I love watching films, one of the best things to do is to sit on a comfy sofa with your boyfriend, a bag of popcorn and a good film. Ahhh you can’t beat it.

I would defiantly say I’m a horror girl but not for the gore more for the adrenalin rush that goes with it if that makes sense.

Getting to know me abit better.....
Well here’s something you might not no, I am currently working in a very lovely bridal store and I love it. As well as working hard it has its benefits, for example try on £1000 tiaras all day is something I can live with.

Role model?

In my personal opinion I don’t think people should have role models to follow I believe we should all create are own styles and live’s how we think they should be to us and not to other people if that makes sense. I’m not saying role models are bad, just that if we have them we should'nt go so far as to trying to be them. So therefore I actually don’t have a role model but I do have people I admire for their personality and style.

So here’s a few for you just so you get an idea.

My first person is probably not the most well non person put she is still famous.
Kendra Wilkinson....

Okay the first thing you are probably thinking is why would you admire an x playboy model. For one I’m not choosing her for the modelling side, I’m not a guy. But I’m choosing her for her personality, she has such a bubbly character and a great sense of humour that I think is important in life. The main thing I like about her is that no matter what people think of her she does what she thinks is right in her life. For example her mother tried to convince her not to get married or have a baby at 23 but she listen to what she wanted and trusted herself to do the right thing. Now look at her she has a beautiful baby, gorgeous husband and a lovely home.

It’s important that we follow are hearts and not other peoples even if our mothers think they are helping us sometimes at the end of the day it will always be our decision in life.

Now this next one is probably one of the most popular people to admire, and it is of cause.....
Marlin Monroe.

Marlin Monroe is still one of the biggest icons around with her beauty and well known phrases. The thing I like most about Marlin is that she had the confidence of being a good size 12/14 and not a 0 like most models here today aspire to be. In life it’s important to know that whatever size you are your still beautiful.

Favourite animal?
A favourite animal I would say would have to be a beautiful white tiger!

They really are beautiful animals.

Now this part is very important to me, I would defiantly say the most important person in my life. My gorgeous boyfriend Chris.

We’ve been together 2 years now and we are still as much in love as the first day we met, he is the one who can just bring a smile to my face even when I don’t want to, and know when something is up even if I haven’t said anything. I really am truly in love with him and can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him.
(sorry the pictures not to great focus wise, i was also having a bad hair day)
So cheesy I’m so sorry.....

And of cause are beautiful baby cat ‘Kitty’ great name I no.

Okay this next one is a confession, so be prepared to be scared (hey I’m at poet and didn’t know it :P) Anyway when we were all younger we all started off with our own style and mine was defiantly a bizarre choice but I must admit fun while it lasted but not so sophisticated as I am now.

My old style was ....Big hair......Big bold clothes........Heals.........Tiny outfits..........Bows...........So much pink

............Yes I was Trashy I had the big hair the pink extensions, the miniskirts, the heals, the hole deal so there is my confession for you all to humour at. Aha

So it’s the little things in life that bring the biggest smile and I thought I’d share a few that bring a smile to me. Of cause my boyfriend does but we’ve done the soppy part.

The one top thing that melts my heart and brings a massive smile and a twinkle to my eye has got to be a Red Rose. I am a complete sucker for red roses I love them so much they really do just make me smile.

Another has got to be bows, strange I know but I just think they are so cute.

Cupcakes are another there are just so many styles of cupcakes and they just bring a smile when you eat them.

Lastly I would say that unique necklaces would be a big craze of mine. For those of you who have seen my tea cup and spoon necklace you will no I love these sort of things.

Lastly I thought I would share my 3 favourite make up brands with you.

Of cause Mac,
I love Mac I think there amazing in everything they do with their makeup.

Nyx is so cheap but still an amazing brand as well.

And of cause I newer favourite Majolica Majorca, I simply adore this make up it’s just so rich in colours and has such beautiful packaging.

I really am sorry about the length of this but I hope it gives you an idea of my style and maybe an interesting read for you. Anyway there will be lots more posts for you very soon.

Take care x

Friday, 23 October 2009


So for those of you who entered my mini giveaway you will know that it was my 17th Birthday the other day, and I thought I would quickly show you a picture of everything I got. I’m not going to take a photo of everything because I’m going to be reviewing it all separately for you.

So heres alittle picture of some of the things I got.

Some of the items I got:
Christina Aguilera perfume (MY FAVOUITE!!!) from my lovely boyfriend
Asos Caprice Can Can bra (I love Caprice she is super pretty and her bras make you feel like a super star!!) From my mum
Chocolate box (almost gone :D) My boyfriends mum
Necklaces from my sister and best friend
Two Mac lipsticks and a voucher for one of their classes from my mum and dad
Two tops one from Topshop the other Quiz from my mum and dad
La senza nighty from my mum
Black dress from New look (I wore on the night) from my mum

There is a whole load more but like I said to keep it quick I will do reviews later on for you all.

All in all my birthday its self was completely amazing my boyfriend really made it special for me and I had a lovely day with him and his mum and then my family later on. So to my boyfriend thank you babe because of you I had the best birthday ever and I hope the rest are just as good.

Take care x

A little cute lipgloss.

I thought I would show you all this very cute lipgloss I picked up the other day.

Strawberry cupcake! Cute right...

Like most people I’m a sucker for little cute things that make you smile, and this certainly makes me smile. Cupcakes, Strawberries and lipgloss awww!!

Anyway so I got this the other day for £1.00 very cheap and when I opened it I wasn’t sure id like it because its alot darker then what I’m used to. But after trying it I love the colour!
I actually really like the colour it goes on smooth and full of colours not just pink but purple and blue under tones with a slight slivery gold in there to. It’s defiantly out of my normal comfort zone but I still like it. Even though it’s not a sticky lipgloss I still think that it’s nice to have a change and try something new.

The smell is okay, because it’s only a little cheap lipgloss of cause it’s not going to be amazing but I actually think it’s nice. I would say it’s a mild fruit sent but still nice.

So if you want something cute to smile at I would go get one of these little babies to smile at. I found this in a joke shop for £1 but they also sell the exact same lipgloss in Peacocks in a three set for £2 or £3.

Take care x

Free Jemma Kid lipgloss!

Bodyform are giving away a very amazing lipgloss by Jemma Kid worth £10! They’ve got the lipstick in three different colours, red, bright pink and nude pink. I bet you can guess which one I went for.

So I chose the nude of cause and in all honesty I love it. The Bodyform is priced at £1.25 which is amazing value since the item you’re getting is worth £10.
In terms of the colour I think it’s a winner it really is a nice gentle everyday colour on its own or on top of a Mac or Barry M (which I’ve tried and looks great.) I love the fact that no matter what angle you are at it still catches the light on your lips making them fuller and plumper with a beautiful shine.

Another bonus would be the smell as it’s just lovely. I would say it’s a definite fruit smell but not to much that it over powers it, but enough that it makes you smile.

For those of you like me who wanted to try out something from the Jemma Kid range then I defiantly think this is a great way!

Defiantly a recommendation from me at £1.25.

Take care x

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

And the winners are.......

Congratulations to....... Summer darling!




Well done all of you if you could email at with your name and address that would be great I have emailed some of you already.

I wrote out all your names on strips of paper and made them into special little starts for you all then picked out two green and two pink, I had no idea who was on which star.

I wrote out all your names on strips of paper and made them into special little starts for you all then picked out two green and two pink, I had no idea who was on which star.

A special thank you and well done to you four and an even bigger one to everyone who entered thank you all so much for the comments they were so kind and thoughtful!! I had an amazing birthday and reading all of them made it wonderful.

Anouther giveaway will be very soon.

Take care x

Giveaway closed.

The giveaway is now closed, winners will be announced tonight. Good Luck

Take care x

Monday, 12 October 2009

Last chance giveaway.

Don’t forget my giveaway will be ending tomorrow at 8.00pm GMT so today and tomorrow is your last chance to enter the mini giveaway. Good luck to all those who have already entered I’m so pleased with the comments, thank you again for your kindness.

Take care x

Sunday, 11 October 2009

TWILIGHT make up range!?!?!

Yes you heard the title I’m still confused Twilight is a vampire film............ Now its a make up?
When I first heard this I thought it was a joke or even if it wasn’t its not going to be very good... Actually looking that the website I’m really intrigued by it, perhaps a purchase or two.

But there is a down side they don’t ship internationally yet (BUMMER!) but I am going to write to them and perhaps beg. Anyway so for any twilight fans here’s there new website I have to say I love their website design the layout is great and the opening is just amazing.

So if you’re interested take a little look I’ve already seen a few products I’d love to try.

Take care x

Friday, 9 October 2009

Converted to lush?

I went into lush the other day for the first time in ages, I don’t normally go in there because I never really get drawn in by soap I’m more of a shower gel girl. But this time I had a proper look and found there cold face mask range.

The lady inside was very very helpful in showing and telling me how each one of the masks worked and which would be best for my skin. I’m not going to list all of the names because I want to keep this short but basically theres a face mask for any type of skin.

So because I have quite oily skin the lady recommended two different ones, the first ‘Cupcakes’ (love the name) was a deep chocolate brown colour that didn’t look to appealing although I am thinking of try it out at some point. She then recommended a different one ‘Catastrophe Cosmetic’ now this one just looked amazing I really wanted to eat it (don’t eat any lush products!) It was a light purple with tiny blueberries sticking out of the top it just looked so lovely.

So both facemasks pretty much had the same effect they both cleansed the skin and help prevent breakouts as well as helping to stop oily skin.

Of cause I went for the second mask and I’m so glade I did.....

This has now got to be one of my favourite masks because It really does work! You have to keep these particular facemasks in the fridge so when you come to putting them on they just feel so refreshing. After the ten minutes I washed it off and noticed a difference straight away. Any red patches on my face had died down in colour, I have a few red dots on my face that just began to fade and the best part was I had an oily free face all day!

I would defiantly give this a 10/10 and I really hope this mask works as well for you guys as it does me. Blueberries are a natural ingredient and are super good for you, all the products used in this pot are totally natural and have a feel good factor to your skin.

Defiantly worth a look if your near lush anytime soon.

Take care x

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Giveaway update.

I am really really shocked by all the entries I’ve had I never thought I’d get as many as I have, with so many beautiful messages! I've read each one and I feel now like I should be sending you all something but those who don’t win can have another chance later on.

Because I've had so many I’ve decided to bring the deadline forward to the 13th October, My actual birthday, so you don’t have to wait as long. Those who have not entered may still do so.

Very big thank you to those who have I am very lucky to no such beautiful and lovely people!

Take care x

Saturday, 3 October 2009

My BIRTHDAY Giveaway!!

On the 13th October it will be my 17th birthday and in all honesty I’m not looking forward to it but I’m sure my gorgeous boyfriend will make me happy on the day like he always does. So anyway to help me get that little bit more excited I’m going to hold a mini giveaway for four of my many lovely followers.

This compaction will be going until the 17th October but many over run as I need at least 8 people to do this giveaway.

The rules are as follows:

For one entrie:
Must be a follower!
Leave me a birthday message in the comments below ready for my birthday on the 13th to help me get in the mood.

For two entries:
You must do the same as the above and post this on your blog with a link on a second comment.

For a four entries (more chance of winning):
You must do the above and send me a birthday picture via email (which can be found on the right hand side) it can be anything you like.

So there will be four winners in all and here are the prizes (I may also be adding more):

Good luck all of you!
At the end of the giveaway I will put all the names into a hat and pick out four different winners!
This giveaway is just to get you all started there is going to be a very very big giveaway very soon that I’m hoping you will all enjoy!

Many thanks and have a lovely day
Take care x