Friday, 9 October 2009

Converted to lush?

I went into lush the other day for the first time in ages, I don’t normally go in there because I never really get drawn in by soap I’m more of a shower gel girl. But this time I had a proper look and found there cold face mask range.

The lady inside was very very helpful in showing and telling me how each one of the masks worked and which would be best for my skin. I’m not going to list all of the names because I want to keep this short but basically theres a face mask for any type of skin.

So because I have quite oily skin the lady recommended two different ones, the first ‘Cupcakes’ (love the name) was a deep chocolate brown colour that didn’t look to appealing although I am thinking of try it out at some point. She then recommended a different one ‘Catastrophe Cosmetic’ now this one just looked amazing I really wanted to eat it (don’t eat any lush products!) It was a light purple with tiny blueberries sticking out of the top it just looked so lovely.

So both facemasks pretty much had the same effect they both cleansed the skin and help prevent breakouts as well as helping to stop oily skin.

Of cause I went for the second mask and I’m so glade I did.....

This has now got to be one of my favourite masks because It really does work! You have to keep these particular facemasks in the fridge so when you come to putting them on they just feel so refreshing. After the ten minutes I washed it off and noticed a difference straight away. Any red patches on my face had died down in colour, I have a few red dots on my face that just began to fade and the best part was I had an oily free face all day!

I would defiantly give this a 10/10 and I really hope this mask works as well for you guys as it does me. Blueberries are a natural ingredient and are super good for you, all the products used in this pot are totally natural and have a feel good factor to your skin.

Defiantly worth a look if your near lush anytime soon.

Take care x

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