Sunday, 31 May 2009

A cheap solution for silky hair.

I give you an extremely cheep solution to silky soft hair! Are you ready......I give you ‘GLISS!’ Gliss is seriously one of my favourites when I don’t won’t to spend a lot of money, it’s so amazing I can’t stop touching my hair! Gliss is by Schwarzkopf which I’m sorry I don’t know anything about the maker but it’s not really that important. Gliss comes in a range of different types il give you a few names of what you can get:
They are all called ‘Gliss hair repair’ and come in a conditioner and shampoo -

Total repair = I love! This is what I use all the time and I love it! I use the conditioner after shampooing and I use about a plum size amount which I know is a lot but I found it’s the right amount for me, I apply it from the bottom of my ears down wards. Do not apply it on top of your head even if it’s really dry because it will make your hair feel disgusting and look awful it will just look unwashed and feel greasy. So once iv applied I use my fingers to run through my hair to make sure all the conditioner gets everywhere and then I leave it for as long as possible the longest iv left it is about twenty minutes, then rinse off and the result is amazing you can feel it straight away! It just feels so soft and when it’s dry it just feels amazing so I defiantly recommend!

Anti-split = My sister has now started using and said that it helped her split end problem as she has really long hair so it tends to split more. I used this once and to be honest I can’t really give you my opinion as it was one time.

Colour protect = Again my sister has used this but I haven’t, even thought I really should as my hair is coloured.

There are a few more but I can’t actually remember what they are called. So if you are interested in a cheaper shampoo or conditioner I recommend Gliss because it really does work. A couple of Asos magazines ago Asos actually put an add in for it which they wouldn’t do if it was a bad product, plus my hairdresser said ‘Gliss is a great product as an alternative to salon products’ So defiantly look into this. Where to find it:

Boots: £1.95
Savers: £1.50
Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury all sell it for about £2.99

I really wanted to tell you all about this because sometimes it’s hard to find cheap products that really do work when you can’t afford to buy the more expensive ones. So I really hope this helps some of you!

Take care x

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Dry lips = Blistex?

I’ve had a problem with dry lips for a while now and I've found nothing helps! So yesterday I decided I would try something completely different from creams and lip balms. So I went into boots where they have a section just for lip care, and they had several products by ‘Blistex’ which I had never tried before so I thought maybe I would give it ago. Now the products were all different but I found one that was just completely different from anything I had ever used before it was a ‘Lip Splash Liquid Moisturiser’, and instead of being a cream or balm it was a liquid solution which you applied by rolling a cold silver ball over your lips which slowly produced liquid to your lips. So I decided to go for it and see how I got on, I've been using it for two days and the first time I put it on I was amazed. I could feel it working straight away! It has a really nice feeling, it’s a cold feeling but it’s really refreshing and you can really feel the moisture working! My lips remand soft and refreshed throughout the day, although I did keep putting it on throughout the day which probably helped. The next day instead of waking up with crusty rank lips I woke up with blissful smoothness! This really made my day. My boyfriend even liked the smell of it so must be good! Plus it doesn’t have a disgusting taste if you get it in your mouth it tastes fine. All in all I do recommend this product to those who suffer from dry lips as I do, but please remember everyone is different and it may not work for everyone but it’s still worth ago!

Blistex Lip Splash Liquid Moisturiser ‘Drench’ - £2.99 (Boots)

Take care x

Monday, 25 May 2009

Bourjois letdown!

I recently purchased ‘Coup de Theatre 2 en 1’ mascara by Bourjois and I have to say I’m so disappointed with it. I adore Bourjois products but this mascara really was a letdown.

In terms of how it looked I give it a thumbs up it did look great and really separated my lashes out and gave them length which was great, and also gave abit of volume so for how it looks it’s great. So your probably wondering ‘...then what’s wrong with it?’ right? Well in terms of the brush itself I’ve never had such a harsh brush it was awful it hurt every time I used it! I tried everything going slower going faster it was a horrible experience and I do not recommend this product at all which I feel awful saying as I love Bourjois. Although please don’t be put off by Bourjois products as they are still amazing products except this one I have to say wasn’t.

So after my bad experience I’m not going to be using it again it only cost about £5.89 so not to bad but I can now see why! Anyway I’ve noticed a lot of people have recommended ‘L’Oreal voluminous mascara’ for being a great volumising and lengthening mascara so I’ve decided the next time I’m in boots I will purchase one and let you know what I think of the product. I’ve never actually used a L’Oreal mascara so it will be something new and interesting for me to see. So fingers crossed it will be a nice SOFT brush!

If any of you have used this mascara I would love to hear what you think about it and whether it’s worth me looking into.

Take care x

Thursday, 21 May 2009


After falling in love with my first Eyeko nail polish I decided to get another! The colour I picked up is a lot different and I’m still not 100% sure if I like it. The colour is called ‘Eyeko Pastel Polish,’ although Eyeko say on their website that it is a blue colour I would defiantly say its more greeny blue, not much green but just a hint of it. I do think that it is a pretty colour, I’m just not sure it’s the colour for me, But I have to say I still think it is extremely cute, and dead cheep for what you get!

‘Eyeko Pastel Polish’ - £1.99 (Superdrug)

Take care x

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Barry M vs. GOSH!

A few weeks ago I picked up two new nude lipsticks from superdrug and I have to say I love them! Now the two I picked up were Barry M – Marshmellow (101) and GOSH – Darling Velvet touch (134).
So for swatchy goodness:

From left to right: Gosh and Barry M

Let’s start with GOSH, well I love love love the colour it’s the perfect nude colour! It feels so soft, really creamy and the texture is great. The name is really sweet. It has a slight shine to it which I think is really pretty. As regards to how long it stays on I have to be honest and say it normally lasts me half a day or less before I have to touch it up, but I mean it’s not bad it lasts a lot longer than most lipsticks iv found. And I think the price really is good for the quality of the lipstick.

GOSH – Darling velvet touch 134 (£5.87 Superdrug)

Next Barry M! Okay again I love this lipstick, it's another nude colour but much more pinkie it has a much more tougher creaminess, but is just as soft as the ‘Gosh – darling.’ I found this lipstick to be a much more of a blocked colour meaning that it’s not a faded colour it really shows up well. Also on how long it lasts I would actually say it lasts longer then Gosh, not much more but still. Again I think the name is rather cute ‘Marshmellow’ and I would defiantly say it really is a marshmellow colour.

Barry M - Marshmellow 101 (£4.25 Superdrug)

So I’ve had both colours for over a week now and I still love them! If I’m honest iv used the Gosh more than Barry M because I think for me it’s the perfect nude colour the Barry M is still a gorgeous colour but for me I like the Gosh lipstick that tiny bit more. But that’s just me we all have our own opinions and I would love to no yours and what nude colour is your favourite for the week.

I will be continuing to buy Gosh and Barry M cosmetics and comparing the two products and asking for your opinion as well!

take care x

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Today the hauls, reviews and tutorials start!

First thing a great big iya to everyone! As you can tell im new to the whole blog thing so bare with me. my names Zoe but I prefer my nickname 'Lace' so call me what ever. I got the inspiration to start this blog after visiting other blogs which I will give their names later on. But after seeing all there amazing make up collections and hauls I decided blogging is for me! My general theme is of cause going to be based on my name ‘Nude lace turns to colour’ the reason for this is that I’m the kind of girl who’s lived by nude make ups all her life and iv found the light people! Yes iv finally found it and it was.. COLOURFUL!! So from now on I will be trying to convert to using more colours on my everyday make up, Very exciting! So I will be showing you everything I buy from my Saturday trips to the heavenly shops, also I will be telling you my opinions on all the products and whether I think they are worth it or seriously not. Plus I really want to know what you all think! This blog will be full of nothing but the truth and that shull be my little promise to you all who follow my blog! Finaly a big thank you to visiting my little blog!

Now that’s out the way.. yes! I went shopping and let’s have a little peek at something’s I picked up at a few places.

MAC STUDIO FIX FLUID! £19.00 (with pump £21.45 - definatly worth it!)

MAC! yes its MAC and its actually my very first MAC product and im so happy with it that its going to be the first of many happy memories together! i carried my MAC bag around the city with pride. Now in MAC they have two different types of foundation a ‘yellow base’ and ‘pink base’ now this basically means that they can give you exactly the right colour you need, which means no more lines! So for example if you are using a yellow based foundation and it’s just not quite right it’s a bit ‘yellow’ then the chances are you need the same colour just in a pink based colour, you understanding? This is what I love about MAC they give you a long talk about what colour you need but the other foundations don’t actually say if they are yellow base or pink so most of the time it’s a guessing game.

I would defiantly recommend this product as it feels amazing and goes on so smooth and really does just blend to your skin tone. Unfortunately I have a few greasy patches on my face, but amazingly MAC’s foundation has an ingredient in it that stops grease all day! I know all day! My love for MAC continues. So I would defiantly say if you want a foundation that gives a matt finish, lasts all day and looks amazing I would say ‘MAC studio fix fluid’ it really works and instead of using your fingers or a sponge use it with a foundation brush it gives alot nicer effect.

EYEKO! nail polish £1.99 (superdrug)

EYEKO wow I love you this nail polish is not only so cute! but looks so pretty im really liking the baby colour effect. The price for what you get i think is amazing, although there is a downside they only have about six colours which are:

1. ‘Eyeko Punk Polish’ – Bright pink
2. ‘Eyeko Red Polish’ - Red
3. ‘Eyeko Pretty Polish’ – Baby pink
4. ‘Eyeko Vamp Polish’ - Black
5. ‘Eyeko Disco Polish’ – Sparkle silver
6. ‘Eyeko Pastel Polish’ – Baby greeny blue

So as you can see not a great deal of colours but still so cute!


Get this product! it smells loverly, looks cute and makes your lips so soft. I am a big fan of Hello Kitty and i really love this because it really does work, I'v had very dry lips the last few days and this has really help. Using it at night and first thing in the morning really makes my lips go soft as a peach! Plus the packageing is a bow! and im a sucker for bows so what can i say, its perfect.

Body shop eyeshadow - about £7.00

This was a gift from my best mate bless her, 'thanks steph!' I really like this colour and i think its a great start for me because i have been using it alot and i have to say it looks really nice it has a very nice texture with a slight shimer, its kind of a dark pinky purple. Even thought its alot of money it will last you a long time and body shop is always great quality, infact MAC even recomends it so it must be good! So yeah i would definatly give this ago, they have a range of different colours, I will be buying more and asking you what you think of the colours.

BEAUTYUK - £2.99 (superdrug)

Okay this is something new for me i picked it up from superdrug as it was cheep but also i thought it would be something great to start off with. Colours are great it's a good selection of colours which really arnt as bright as you think they are. As for texture its okay i mean its not the best but then it was'nt that expensive, for a base coat its great but for all over my eye im not won over by it, sorry BEAUTYUK. Im not sure if i would get it again but it was great to test out colours.

First shopping trip haul over, hope you enjoyed, i'd really like to hear from you what you think of these items or any other items you think i should try. Leave a comment and i will get back to you asap!

have an amazing rest of the week and i will updating again soon.

take care x