Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Barry M vs. GOSH!

A few weeks ago I picked up two new nude lipsticks from superdrug and I have to say I love them! Now the two I picked up were Barry M – Marshmellow (101) and GOSH – Darling Velvet touch (134).
So for swatchy goodness:

From left to right: Gosh and Barry M

Let’s start with GOSH, well I love love love the colour it’s the perfect nude colour! It feels so soft, really creamy and the texture is great. The name is really sweet. It has a slight shine to it which I think is really pretty. As regards to how long it stays on I have to be honest and say it normally lasts me half a day or less before I have to touch it up, but I mean it’s not bad it lasts a lot longer than most lipsticks iv found. And I think the price really is good for the quality of the lipstick.

GOSH – Darling velvet touch 134 (£5.87 Superdrug)

Next Barry M! Okay again I love this lipstick, it's another nude colour but much more pinkie it has a much more tougher creaminess, but is just as soft as the ‘Gosh – darling.’ I found this lipstick to be a much more of a blocked colour meaning that it’s not a faded colour it really shows up well. Also on how long it lasts I would actually say it lasts longer then Gosh, not much more but still. Again I think the name is rather cute ‘Marshmellow’ and I would defiantly say it really is a marshmellow colour.

Barry M - Marshmellow 101 (£4.25 Superdrug)

So I’ve had both colours for over a week now and I still love them! If I’m honest iv used the Gosh more than Barry M because I think for me it’s the perfect nude colour the Barry M is still a gorgeous colour but for me I like the Gosh lipstick that tiny bit more. But that’s just me we all have our own opinions and I would love to no yours and what nude colour is your favourite for the week.

I will be continuing to buy Gosh and Barry M cosmetics and comparing the two products and asking for your opinion as well!

take care x

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