Thursday, 28 May 2009

Dry lips = Blistex?

I’ve had a problem with dry lips for a while now and I've found nothing helps! So yesterday I decided I would try something completely different from creams and lip balms. So I went into boots where they have a section just for lip care, and they had several products by ‘Blistex’ which I had never tried before so I thought maybe I would give it ago. Now the products were all different but I found one that was just completely different from anything I had ever used before it was a ‘Lip Splash Liquid Moisturiser’, and instead of being a cream or balm it was a liquid solution which you applied by rolling a cold silver ball over your lips which slowly produced liquid to your lips. So I decided to go for it and see how I got on, I've been using it for two days and the first time I put it on I was amazed. I could feel it working straight away! It has a really nice feeling, it’s a cold feeling but it’s really refreshing and you can really feel the moisture working! My lips remand soft and refreshed throughout the day, although I did keep putting it on throughout the day which probably helped. The next day instead of waking up with crusty rank lips I woke up with blissful smoothness! This really made my day. My boyfriend even liked the smell of it so must be good! Plus it doesn’t have a disgusting taste if you get it in your mouth it tastes fine. All in all I do recommend this product to those who suffer from dry lips as I do, but please remember everyone is different and it may not work for everyone but it’s still worth ago!

Blistex Lip Splash Liquid Moisturiser ‘Drench’ - £2.99 (Boots)

Take care x


  1. Nice blog hun :)x I'm your new follower <3

  2. Blistex lip balms have saved my lips!! I absolutly love them, I've had terribly dry lips the past month or so and non of the lip balms I already had were working. I went out and bought a couple from the blistex range and they are now my HG.
    Great blog, keep it up!