Sunday, 31 May 2009

A cheap solution for silky hair.

I give you an extremely cheep solution to silky soft hair! Are you ready......I give you ‘GLISS!’ Gliss is seriously one of my favourites when I don’t won’t to spend a lot of money, it’s so amazing I can’t stop touching my hair! Gliss is by Schwarzkopf which I’m sorry I don’t know anything about the maker but it’s not really that important. Gliss comes in a range of different types il give you a few names of what you can get:
They are all called ‘Gliss hair repair’ and come in a conditioner and shampoo -

Total repair = I love! This is what I use all the time and I love it! I use the conditioner after shampooing and I use about a plum size amount which I know is a lot but I found it’s the right amount for me, I apply it from the bottom of my ears down wards. Do not apply it on top of your head even if it’s really dry because it will make your hair feel disgusting and look awful it will just look unwashed and feel greasy. So once iv applied I use my fingers to run through my hair to make sure all the conditioner gets everywhere and then I leave it for as long as possible the longest iv left it is about twenty minutes, then rinse off and the result is amazing you can feel it straight away! It just feels so soft and when it’s dry it just feels amazing so I defiantly recommend!

Anti-split = My sister has now started using and said that it helped her split end problem as she has really long hair so it tends to split more. I used this once and to be honest I can’t really give you my opinion as it was one time.

Colour protect = Again my sister has used this but I haven’t, even thought I really should as my hair is coloured.

There are a few more but I can’t actually remember what they are called. So if you are interested in a cheaper shampoo or conditioner I recommend Gliss because it really does work. A couple of Asos magazines ago Asos actually put an add in for it which they wouldn’t do if it was a bad product, plus my hairdresser said ‘Gliss is a great product as an alternative to salon products’ So defiantly look into this. Where to find it:

Boots: £1.95
Savers: £1.50
Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury all sell it for about £2.99

I really wanted to tell you all about this because sometimes it’s hard to find cheap products that really do work when you can’t afford to buy the more expensive ones. So I really hope this helps some of you!

Take care x

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