Monday, 3 August 2009

Thanks Sophie!!

Before I went away on holiday I received an email from one of my followers Sophie telling me I had won her giveaway!! And I new as soon as I got back home I had to say thank you in a big way. I was so shocked as I’ve never won anything. So I was quick to email back with my address. Two days later I received my package from her and it just gets better!!!

It came really nicely wrapped with a really nice letter that had taken Sophie a while to write I would imagine and that to me alone was an extra loverly thing to have. But then when I opened it to grab the goodies inside there was not only the two nail polishes I had won but an Elf quattro eyeshadow in smokey shades ‘Drama,’ four blush samples ‘Cupcake’ ‘Cheeky cheeky’ ‘Doll face’ ‘Sweet cheeks’ and my favourite Lilylolo cosmetics mineral finishing powder sample ‘Flawless silk’ which I will defiantly be buying a full product of!

So I really am very grateful to Sophie for going to all that trouble in just sending it and the packaging plus all the extra goodies I’m just so happy.

So I defiantly want to show these goodies so you’ll be able to see how much effort Sophie went to!

How nice is that letter! Must have taken a little while to write.

Theres a link at the top to Sophies Blog defiantly go check her out as she has a really good blog!

So again thank you so much Sophie I do hope to one day be able to send you something.

Take care x


  1. Aw thanks Zoe. I hope you had a lovely holiday. How was the weather? x

  2. Rubish, but it did'nt matter i had a really nice time :)

    thanks x