Monday, 3 August 2009

Alexandra's Competition! - my entrie, i'm GREEK!!

Alexandra from ‘All things girly’ is having a giveaway!!!

I for one will defiantly be entering just for the fun of it, as i love competitions!
Now for those you who are interested and you should be cause its gunna be a fun one.
Heres what you have to do:

Basically choose which ever country you like and produce a make over that represents that country. For instance you can do a photo of yourself with your make over or a video plus you can use another picture to show the look you used or simply make it up (more fun.) You can simply paint a flag across your face (to me personally i think its more fun to create your own design.)
The details:
You must be a follower to Alexandra.
(even if your not entering her giveaway still follower her because she has a really nice blog!)

There needs to be five people entering so she can do the giveaway.
Its open worldwide.
Her giveaway will end this Friday 7th August 2009 so get to it if you want to enter!



So heres my entrie, hope you all like it i have to say i spent ages on this, first choosing a country then finding a greek women/goodess. Then drawing out how i was going to do and picking greek colours, next of cause doing it (the fun part.) I had a great fun time with this and i love everyone else entries you all look so amazing well done! and thank you to Alexandra for going to the trouble of holding this competition!

So this was the look i was going for Greek women/goddess. Hope you all enjoyed and do take part as its such a fun competition!
Take care x


  1. this is so nice :) Thank you for your entry!
    And i'm greek too :p x

  2. Thank you, i loved doing this it was so fun! Your greek wow thats amazing :D! and dont worrie i'm sure more people will enter.

    take care x

  3. hey, thanks for commenting on my russian doll look, your is awesome too!
    i would never have thought about that.
    but i love that u dressed up for it too!

  4. good luck to you too :) hehe.. my geisha takes me so long ..

  5. thanks for sweet comment in my blog :)

  6. your looked so pretty :) and makeup too :) I love the pics :) and overall.

    congrats in winning :)