Monday, 17 August 2009

Nail art attempt one.

My order from Mscuppycakes came a few weeks ago (review will be done soon) and two of the items I had ordered were two NYX nail art ink pots, in black and white. So I had to just dive in and try them out.

Now for the look I came up with for you (it’s my first attempt so it’s not going to be great.)

The base coat was Rimmel London’s 60 seconds vinyl stars I’m not sure the name as I’ve had it awhile its warn off. So the first thing you will need to do is coat the nails with your base coat and make sure it is 100% dry otherwise it will not work.

Next I simply used the NYX black ink pot to draw in the bottom right corner, a medium size line. The key tip for this is make sure just the brush’s tip has paint on and move slowly to avoid mistake. Once you reach the end of your line curve it over slightly.

Repeat this on each side of the line you just drew, on the top side of your line make the line longer and still curved. On the bottom side make the line smaller then the middle and curve.

Once you are happy with your black lines move to the top left of your nail. You’re going to do the whole process again except backwards.

So first things first this time start with the smallest, it makes it easier if you start with the biggest our smallest line for the top one. Now before you start, you want the white lines to be slightly smaller than the black. So repeat the whole steps of the black lines and make sure you curve at the end otherwise it will look wrong.

So the end result should look something like this (please excuse my attempt as I think I could do it abit better):

Also if you didnt like the white you could just leave it like this:

There you are I hope this helps some of you, I happen to like it alot as it reminds me of something tropical, I’m not sure why though. Hope you enjoyed it.

Take care x


  1. wooow....beautiful nail color and the nails are gorgeous

  2. Thats lovely, and an awesome first try.

  3. they are awesome, i wish i could do nail art, i tried. and failed. epically.

  4. such a pretty design :)
    loved the way it came out <3

  5. I love the design, very pretty. You must have a really sturdy hand. :)