Wednesday, 17 June 2009

NYX websites.

I’ve been after some NYX products for a while now as they are so cheap! Plus they are extremely good quality products! I decided to just go for it and order some from their official website ( but then it all went downhill. I was sorting out the payment and you have to type in your address and that was when I found out they don’t ship to the United Kingdom ‘BUMMER!’ So I’ve been emailing NYX and asking if they would ship to the UK but unfortunately they apologised and said they were unable to but they did give me two other email addresses to get in contact with to see if they can help me locate the product in the UK or at least a website that will ship to the UK. I am still awaiting an email from both companies so I can’t tell you about what they said. In the mean time I did some of my own research on ‘’ and SUCSESS I have found a few websites which ship NYX products to the UK the only down side is... they don’t have the nude colours I wanted *grrrr* anyway I am still looking but I thought I would give you the names of the websites as I’m sure not everyone wants nude lips so here you are guys:

I would recommend ‘’ as I have ordered from them and they were really fast the only thing was they don’t sell nude colours! So the lipsticks I ordered are no good for me. But at least you guys in the UK might be able to order some but for those of you in the USA or anywhere else in the world you can order straight off the NYX website.

I hope this helps some of you! Also if anyone knows where I can get ‘Circe’ or ‘Rea’ in there nude lipsticks I would be very grateful!

Take care x

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