Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Cucumber my eyes love you!

A quick solution to stop puffy eyes. Sometimes when you’re a little tearful or very run down from not sleeping you’re eyes can quite often become enlarged and puffy on the outer top lid and lower lid, which can sometimes cause the top lid to droop making your eyes seem smaller. I’ve had this problem a few days now from not sleeping well and i found nothing works better then two slices of cucumber! Just plane grocery store cucumber no creams, no nothing just simply place the cucumber over your eyes and relax. I would recommend having a nice bubble bath and using a nice fresh face mask and then you can simply relax in the bath with a face mask and two slices of cucumber over your eyes. You should leave your cucumber on for a maximum of half an hour and i promise you will notice a difference. This is something you could probably do every day as it is a natural remedy and does not contain harsh ingredients such as alcohol so it won’t sting at all or leave your eyes red like some creams may do. So its quick, it works and its simply perfect after a long hard day just to come home and relax. So to all you girls take some time out and relax.

Take care x

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