Thursday, 26 November 2009

NYX in the UK!!!!

At last the much loved NYX cosmetics has finally created a website that ships all the NYX products to the UK so we can finally enjoy them more here with ordering online.

This is the website: NYX

Although it is not up and ready for ordering yet, I have in fact contacted Mike of the NYX Company and he has told me that the website will be up, running and ready for ordering on the 1st December 2009.

I for one will be making an extremely big order!!

Take care x

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Batiste dry shampoo.

Batiste dry shampoo was one of the items I was sent by the lovely Alex and the other day I was having a real lazy day and I just couldn’t be bothered to wash my hair. So I decided to try it out as a quicker solution then having to dry my hair for ages.

If I am totally honest I wish I had taken photos because the result was amazing!!!
I really didn’t spray alot on, I’ve noticed people spray it really close to their heads and it ends up leaving really big white powder patches all over their hair meaning that they then have to go and wash it off. But I only sprayed a tiny amount on each section of my hair and from about 30cm away and there was no white patches, I didn’t have to wash it off and it still looked clean, healthy, shiny and smelt beautiful. So a tip to help you is less is more and dont spray it to close.

I extremely recommend this product as a quick solution when in between washes and at just £1.95 I think it’s defiantly worth it.

You can get this pretty much every where as far as I know in stores like ‘Boots’ and ‘Superdrug.’ So defiantly take a look.

Take care x

Friday, 20 November 2009

Children in need!

Tonight its children in need and I have made my donation to help out all the children in the world, so I hope my little amount goes along way. If you can please donate to children in need please do so it really does go a long way. Also for those who are interested it’s on Television now on channel BBC 1.

To all the children who this helps I send you my prayers and very best of wishes, I hope that this money brings you the very best it can and helps you for fill your dreams!

Have a lovely night.

Take care x

Monday, 16 November 2009

Mommy Fabulous's giveaway!

So the Lovely lady of Mommy Fabulous is hosting a giveaway to show off her lovely new blog, and I defiantly thought it was worth a post so that she feels very welcomed into the life of blogger.

For those of you who are interested here is the extremely kind giveaway 'Mommy Fabulous' I think you will agree is a very lovely one. Make sure you all enter and wish her all the best for her blog.

Mommy Fabulous I wish you many happy wishes and great things to you and your blog.
Have fun!

Take care x

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Bubble bath?

I love Bubble bath! I think there is nothing better than to coming home after a long days work, have your boyfriend run you a bath and diving into a paradise of bubbles!

So for those of you who like Bubble baths like I do heres a little post for you.

I’m always on the look out for the best bubble baths around and to be honest so far I’ve had pretty pathetic bubbles. I am known for tipping nearly the whole bottle in one bath because I really do just love to be surrounded in bubbles.

Now this is a new bubble bath iv recently got and I am liking it alot although the bubbles aren’t massive, I don’t have to tip a whole bottle in to see a result.

So this is the ones I’ve been using:

You can get these one Asos for £2.00 or I got mine from pound stretcher at the same price. For their smell I’d say it’s okay not great but okay, the raspberry has a much more stronger smell then the strawberry.

But..... The best part I have to say is that they have recipes on the front of how to make a strawberry cheese cake or a raspberry pavlova which I think is a lovely touch.

All in all until I find the perfect bubble bath, these will have to do.

There is also a few other flavours I haven’t tried:

I want to ask you if you know of any good brands and if you enjoy relaxing in bubble land.

Take care x

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Gift from Barry M.

I received this email a few days ago:

‘Hi Zoe

CONGRATULATIONS! You are a winner!

After reading through the hundreds of entries we got for this competition, we chose you for having one of the best tips!

To enable me to send you your free copy of the Be Beautiful book please can you send me your address?

Thanks for entering!

Barry M team’

I was lucky enough to win myself a book from a Barry M competition a few days ago so I thought I would give you all a sneak peak at the book. I will say though that I do think this is ment for someone younger than me so I may perhaps give this way. But I’ll show you a few pages and you can have a look for yourself.

Take care x