Sunday, 27 September 2009

Swap with the lovely Estee! part 1

A few weeks back I decided to do a swap with the lovely Estee of ‘Cherry’ and I was so happy when she said yes because her blog is one of my favourites she writes lovely things. So we both got to work in buy products for each other and this is what I got together for her:

I tried to give her as much as I could as posting was rather expensive. The products I put in are all ones that I love and think are really good everyday items.

For the makeup I bought her (From the left to right starting from the top):
Elf warm bronzer
Sleek palette – Original
Elf Brightening Eye Colour – Luxe
Elf nail polish – gum pink
NYX round lipstick – Celene
NYX round lipgloss – Sorbet
Elf Brightening Eye Colour – silver lining

Elf all over colour stick - Lilac Petal

And for the rest of her gifts I got:
Refreshers strawberry flavour
X2 flumps
Haribo strawberries
Harribo jolly jellies
Options hot chocolate - white chocolate
H&m face masks – strawberry and raspberry
X2 body shop vitamin E samples
Miko cat nail file
Hair stick

I also made her a card which will have her name in the middle.

I really really hope you enjoyed all your goodies Estee!
Now on to the amazing things I was sent. It’s in two parts because there is so much, I will try and keep it quick and simple.

Yesterday I ran to the post office to pick up my lovely package from Estee and when I opened it all I could do was smile, she had given me loads of amazing Japanese products which was a dream come true for me because I love Japanese makeup!

First thing I did was read the beautiful card because it was covered in roses and bows (my favourite!) What was written in side was just so lovely and personal and I really loved it so thank you Estee for taking the time to write that for me.

Okay so let’s start with what I got first off I’m gunna start with the beautiful pair of earrings she sent me because they are just so pretty. (sorry its the wrong way.)
Next was SKINFOOD! I’ve wanted to try out Skinfood for ages now and I’m really happy I’ve now got the chance. She sent me:
Skinfood – Aloe Vera Foaming Cleanser
Skinfood – Black Bean Nose Pack
Skinfood – Capuccino Mousse Foam
Skinfood – Food Therapy Water in Pear Essence
Plus some really pretty jem body stickers that will look so cute around my belly bar.

She also sent me a full Skinfood product Skinfood – Peach Sake Pore BB Cream SPF20 PA+, which I can’t wait to try out because it smells amazing.

The next product is something I’ve never had anything like before and also Estee left a note on the bottom say it was famous in Japan which made me love it even more. The product is ‘Palgantong Make-Up – Theatrical Powder Original Beige’ the texture is just so soft and lovely on the skin as it feels so light.

She also got me a lipgloss from Stila in ‘Apricot 08’ which again was great because I haven’t got round to try out Stila products yet and I really like the colour of this.

So that was part one with some beautiful things, part two is all the ‘Majolica Majorca’ products she bought me. Thank you Estee I love everything!

Take care x


  1. you have sent her so much of cute stuff! very nice of you :))

  2. wow.. so nice :)