Sunday, 6 September 2009

Shoe love!!!!

Say hello to my new babies....

I saw these bad boys on Yunies blog and I fell in love, the down side though was there price I believe it was about $148.00 which is about £90.28 rather alot so saddened by the fact I couldn’t afford them I went on holiday and totally forgot about them. Then one fine sunny day I left the tent to go shopping. Looking around the shops in a daze I suddenly stopped......

Was it.... it was I had spotted the exact same shoe standing on the highest shelf with a price tag of £30! So naturally I ran in grabbed them and shouted gimmie gimmie gimme!

Still to this day I love them, there is absolutely no difference between the ones Yunie got and the ones I did except the name and the price, thats it. I feel amazing in these shoes I just want to wear them 24/7.

This is the real ones so you can see what i mean about there being no difference.
If you love high heels like i do, go get these shoes there just beautiful!!!

Take care x


  1. Oh my GOD.
    They might be the most incredible shoes I've ever seen.

  2. Oh I love those! They are so not boring either. :)

  3. they look exactly the same! <3 looks super gorgeous! <3