Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Barry M nail polishes great for Valentines!

I wanted a new nail polish and as most of you know Barry M do some of the best beautiful coloured nail polishes!

Looking through the rainbow of colours Barry M provides I found these two pretty pink colours:

I love both the colours they just court my eye as being really cute colours together for Valentine’s Day maybe? They were £2.95 each which is super cheap for how amazing Barry M nails polishes are, I’d defiantly recommend Barry M nail polishes they are long lasting, fast drying and normally only need one coat to get a full cover.

Okay so the first colour is called ‘Baby Pink’ and is number ‘119’ there it is on its own:

So cute right...

And the next colour I got is called ‘Pink Iridescent’ and the number is ‘264’ so here it is on top of Baby pink:

I love this combo I think it’s really cute and a really nice idea for Valentine’s Day if you don’t won’t to wear red.

Take care x


  1. Those look so pretty together! must get them next time :)

  2. Ahh I just painted my nails with the baby pink! Spooky! It's such a gorgeous colour :) xo

  3. How pretty! Those look great together. I think I'll try a little something like that, if not pick them up! Thank you xo

  4. So pretty with the glitter!!