Friday, 12 February 2010

I need some advice on Youtube and Mac.

I have two questions I really need help with and if anyone can help me please leave a comment or feel free to email me.

1) I'm really feeling that I want to get on Youtube because unfortunately I really don’t have a good camera so when I take pictures for you guys you can't really see (hence why I have not done an eye tutorial yet.) So I’m looking at video recorders that have: Extremely high quality, a clear zoom feature and really good sound quality. Price wise I don’t really want to pay too much but I understand it will be in the three figure zone i.e. hundreds.

If anyone knows any good video recorders or is on youtube and have a great camera please let me know. Thank you.

2) Secondly I’m going for a Mac lesson tomorrow and afterwards I will be able to get £25 to spend on any Mac products so my question is what do you think I should get?

Thanks guys my email is in the side bar or you can leave a comment below.

Take care x

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  1. hey! if youre going to MAC. a good product to start with would be a paint pot! ( : i mostly use it as a base for eye shadows. i like rubenesque or bare study if u use lots of gold/brown eyeshadows ( : hope this helped!