Sunday, 13 December 2009

Mini Elf haul disappointment.

I ordered a few things from Elf the other day and I just thought I'd share what I got because I'm not very happy with most of it. So I'l give you my honest opinion as always with these products.
All four of the items are from Elf's Minerals Collection.

So I got these two eye shadows:

One is a darkish purple and the other is a pale/goldie colour.

I'll start with the purple which is called 'Royal'.

As you can see from the picture its very shimmer which I'm not that bothered about but on terms of the colour if I'm honest I don't think I really like it. Its a very nice colour if you lightly use it but if you layer it at all it goes a very dark muddy colour which you can probably see from the picture. So I would say its okay for light use but I am disappointed as Royal says to me rich deep purple not a deep muddy colour.
Next we have the pale/goldie colour which is called 'Elegant.'

Now this one is a completely different story, its really rich in colour and layers perfectly without blotching like the 'Royal.' So I really do have great reviews for this one because its a great everyday colour if you like shimmer. I do recommend this one as it reminds me of a really nice beachy colour.

The last things I got were two lipsticks:

I will give you a review on both but to be honest they arnt good and I do feel sorry saying this because I love elf but I'm not gunna lie to you or me.

So this first one is called 'Runway Pink'

In terms of colour its completely different to what it looks like on the online picture but I'm not that bothered because its an okay colour. The problem I have with both the lipsticks is that when you first put them on they are just about okay but after a little while you lips look like they are covered in grease. This happened to me the other day when I was try them out and it looked alright when I left the house but when I got to my work it looked absolutely awful, extremely greasy and not nice to look at!
For those who want to know this one is 'Natural Nymph'
and again has the same story of turning horrible.
So to be honest I'm really not that happy with this haul except the 'Elegant eye shadow' but I would really like to know if any of you have had this problem with the lipsticks or if its just me?
Please don't be put off by Elf because they have some extremely nice products but I just wouldn't recommend these.
Take care x

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  1. I hate it when i buy things and they turn out to be pants!!