Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Jenifer's Body nails from the film.

If any of you have seen the film ‘Jenifer’s Body’ you will have seen the actress Megan Fox’s trade mark nails. Now as soon as I saw them I new I had to have it. This is seriously simple all you need is any favourite hot pink colour you love and just a plain black, if you want to you can add a clear top coat as well.

So this is her nails:

...and mine:

What do you think yay or nay?
I really like it it’s a definite preppy yet dark nail design if you can call it a design.

In the film there is a scene where Jenifer (Megan Fox) burns her tongue (don’t worry it doesn’t hurt her and it’s not icky at all) I tried to take the same picture but I accidently slipped and burnt my tongue heh only I could do that but anyway I tried to copy just not with a lit lighter this time or my burnt tongue aha.

(Really sorry i'm not looking my best at all I took this late at night yesturday but you get the idea of her trade mark nails and lighter.)

If anyone is interested in this film here is a link ‘Jenifer’s Body’ but just so you know it is a horror film.

Hope you enjoyed.

Take care x


  1. How clever! This is VERY cute. xx

    I've been wanting to see Jennifer's Body for so long now. Is it one of those cheesy, but fun to watch horror films?

  2. Thank you. Umm yeah id say so its an alright film but it can get abit strange in places but a definate watch! :D x

  3. Love the nails! Definitely going to paint my nails like that soonish!

    I so want to see Jennifers Body! I love Megan Fox, well hate her cos she's annoying, but OMG she's stunning!