Monday, 4 January 2010

Three Sleek pallets!!

I went to super drug the other day and they were doing an amazing offer on all their cosmetics. The offer was three make up items for the price of two, which I thought was rather good.

So I decided to be wise and think about what to get and the three items I chose:


Three sleek pallets for £10 to me is amazing it’s a saving of £5 which I think is great!
Sleek pallets are so rich in colour and are super high quality but at a cheap price, I really do recommend you getting your hands on one of these as they really last and blend amazingly.

The fist pallet I got was the ‘Original’

This is one of my favourites as you can see it’s a mixture of colours that I love as you can use this for anything?

Number two is ‘Sunset’

Wow now Sunset is so rich in colour and at first looks like it’s going to be really bright but actually it’s not as bright as you think it is. Bright colours are great for summer time, nights out and there great as a build up colour.

Lastly I got ‘Storm’

Storm is a great palette for any colour Smokey eyes I think it has a great selection of dark colours and a great set of naturals as well.

All in all I’m really pleased with this I love sleek and I can’t wait to get the whole set of palettes.

Take care x


  1. Ah, I'm going to have to get Storm and Sunset, I actually received Graphite palette at Xmas and was so shocked because every Superdrug that was near me was sold out.
    The only one I don't really like is 'Acid' comes out too chalky when I swatched a tester, shame because they're beautiful colours. x

  2. I've had the Storm palette for a while and I LOVE IT! I'm lemming the original palette now!!