Tuesday, 26 January 2010

New favourite lip balm!

I’m gunna keep this post very quick because the pictures explain better about how amazing this product is.

Okay basically I got a really nice gift set from Superdrug from my boyfriend at Christmas (thank you babe) and I was taking it all out of the box the other day to just try everything out basically. So inside was some really nice shower gel, bath salts, bubble bath and this coconut & shea butter lip balm.

While I was unpacking this my lips were completely dry so I thought I’d just rub a little of the lip balm on my lips just to see what would happen.

and after about a minute..... I’ll let the pictures do the talking......



Yeah that is amazing super soft no dryness what so ever and felt so nice on my lips I was just shocked I wasn’t expecting that at all from a Superdrug brand, I’m not saying Superdrug brands are bad, I love them I’m just saying compared to a Blistex stick I think this is way better.

The only down side is I’m not sure they sell this product on its own, I for one have never seen it but I really hope they do because it’s amazing!!

If you have dry lips then this product is defiantly a must buy!

Take care x

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  1. I can never find any of the items that the UK/US bloggers rave on about! We dont even have UDPP in Australia! :O

    It looks like it does wonders for dryness