Wednesday, 20 January 2010

My thoughts,wishes,prayers and hopes go to Haiti.

My heart goes out to Haiti at this time of sorrow I really cannot begin to imagine how they are all feeling at this time. Some without there families, friends, loved ones, homes, lives I really do pray that Haiti can somehow pull through.

Although I have little money as it is I know that Haiti needs it more than me, I would rather go without food if I knew it would feed them. So I will be donating some money to Haiti and I just hope that my little donation goes a long way.

Guys if you can spear any money at all then please do so because we cannot begin to imagine what it’s like for them and they really need this more than us so please try to give a little to any of these:

Disasters Emergency Committee:

Doctors Without Borders:

Red Cross Haiti Earthquak Appeal:

Please help Haiti they need us now, just like you would help a friend out help them out.

Thank you for listening.

God bless Haiti.

Take care x

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  1. So very glad that you posted this! Wonderful that you did--I just donated and I wish more bloggers would post about it!

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