Tuesday, 26 January 2010

My first Bumpits hairstyle.

I did a post a while back telling you I had bought a box of Bumpits which for those of you who haven’t read that post Bumpits are basically semi-circle shapes that slide in under your hair to give it volume. I have to apologise because I haven’t done a post yet to show you what they fully look like so I really am sorry guys it will be coming I promise but for now I thought I’d show you my first attempt at using them.

I basically combed my hair back then lifted the very top layer up and fitted the medium size ‘clip’ so to speak under nether. I then gently comb it in place and I decided to just put it up in a fun bun.
So this is what it looks like, I’m sorry it’s nothing special just a simple style.

....(Grumpy picture alert! sorry)...

Yeah so it gives a nice bit of volume not to dramatic, I wore this out to my course all day it didn’t fall out, nobody could see it, it looked natural and didn’t move at all! So it’s defiantly a thumbs up from me it’s just so easy and simple. When you go to take it out it doesn’t pull on your hair at all which I was amazed at you’ll see why when I show you the pictures, sorry there not up.

I actually really like this look it’s just simple and fun, something different.

I defiantly recommend this if you’re looking for volume easy or if you’re like me with long hair and it’s harder to get volume to stay this is great for that!

Hope this helped some of you.

Take care x

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  1. I really want to try bumpits, but I'm super afraid they'll fall out during the day! lol. i'm glad yours didn't. Did you hair spray it to help it grip at all?