Thursday, 9 July 2009

Bride wars review!

This is a quick review on the film ‘Bride wars’ because I love love love it! I think it’s a really good film, it has a really nice story line, very funny and fab make up!

The story line is about two women who have been best friends all their lives and ever since they were little have wanted to get married. So that day comes when both their boyfriends propose *aww* and they both go to the top wedding planner were they chose there dates in June. Later that day they both get a phone call telling them there weddings have been booked on the same day! So it all goes wrong from there, the two bestfriends then start doing silly little pranks on each other which are very funny! But I wan't say what because I really want you all to see the film for yourself.

Finally there wedding day happens and it goes wrong for one of the girls who then realises she doesn’t want to marry him anyway and misses her bestfriend. You can probably guess the ending, they become friends again and later on have a baby on the same day.

I really do think this is a nice funny, soppy film and is now my favourite film so I defiantly recommend you seeing it if it’s your kind of thing!

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  1. I watched this on a flight in May and thought it was pretty good. I love chick flicks :) x