Friday, 24 July 2009

Grey Nails?

Whilst looking at my pink nails one day I decided I was board of the same old nail polishes and wanted something completely new and different from anything I’ve had before.

So first things first where do I start.... which cosmetic range has the best selection of colours... hmm ... ah yes Barry M of cause *big smiles.*

As most of you know by now from my previous post Barry M have an amazing selection of colours! In every colour you could think!

Time to decided... Pink – got, Blue – got, Orange – no, Green – nah, Gray?
Out of all the colours the gray stood out at me and I have to say I’m still after a week in love with the colour. I think it’s a just a lovely simple everyday colour for night, day and even work.

(Please excuse my bad phone I couldn’t find my camera.)

Again I recommend any of Barry M cosmetics because for one they are beautiful and have amazing colours but most important they last! I hate it when you buy a nail polish and it lasts a matter of hours! But I can promise Barry M last days!

Take care x


  1. I really like that, will have to buy some xx

  2. Nice color^^

    I can buy them here in Bangkok and u probably can find them Japanese bookstores^^


  3. oooh im so glad you posted this colour!
    iv been looking for a grey nail vanish.
    i saw thhis but was a bit worried about it being matt as i thought getting a shimmery one would look better.
    but now iv seen this, i like!