Wednesday, 15 July 2009

A little bit of dazzle.

So I stopped off at super drug to pick up a Barry M nail polish and I noticed they had an offer on the dazzle dusts, the deal was 3 for £9.99 I think which works out about £3.50 less, not bad really. I haven’t ever used dazzle dusts before so I thought it would be a great chance to try them out.

I picked up three different colours to try out and I really like them! Most of you know the dazzle dusts are in two groups the ‘Fine’ dazzle dust and the normal, fine dazzle dusts simply mean it’s a softer colour but also not such big chunks of glitter so to speak. So the fine dust is going to be better if you just want a hint of colour and not too much. Normal basically is completely different instead of being small it has thick and rich pigments and really pretty bright bold colours which is nice if you’re looking to add alot of colour to your lid.

So the first colour I picked up is number '27' in the normal dazzle dust and I picked it up because it’s a really pretty simple white. I thought it would be great to mix with other colours as a top layer or a corner dot.

Next was again from the normal range and is number '3', now this colour court my eye with its beautiful colour and rich pigments I just thought it was a really nice summer colour and just different to anything I’ve ever had before. The only thing is in the picture below it looks pink but it’s actually a peachy kind of colour.

Lastly from the fine section I got number '5', a pretty baby blue colour and I just thought it would be great used as an eyeliner on the top or bottom. I have actually used it on the bottom lid and it looked really pretty I have to say. Because it’s not rich in colour it’s a nice colour to possibly cover your whole top lid without it looking just full of glitter and bright colours.

I really like the range I picked out because as most of you know Barry M have an amazing rainbow selection of colours in all there make up range and sometimes it’s hard to just go away with one or two things. I nearly took the whole range but I thought I would collect it bit by bit and review.

So as Barry M would say “Wake up your make up!”

Take care x


  1. I wish we have Barry M at our local drug stores. Great haul.

  2. I love Barry M Dazzledusts, they are so affordable and the colour pay off is brilliant. Great blog, come say hi on mine sometime x