Thursday, 9 July 2009

Magazine freebie!

After doing my normal Saturday shopping spree I nearly always get a magazine and of cause I did. For one I love magazines purely for updates, news, fashion and the freebies! In the United Kingdom it is a common thing in the top fashion magazines to put in freebies such as bags, make up, jewellery, clothes and nail polishes. Now I have to say I do love freebies although they aren’t going to be the best quality I still think they are nice little gifts that make the magazine that little bit nicer.

So anyway I noticed as it’s that holiday time again that once again magazines are bringing in alot of summer freebies for us girls! I was looking through then all and I nearly went for a summer bag but then I spotted the August version of ‘Elle’ and it had this really really pretty top and I just had to get it! It was the cutest little pale blue top with gathering in the middle.

Plus! yes there’s a plus, it came with two magazines not one but two! Which was even better. I myself love the ‘Elle’ magazine because they are simply packed full of ideas and all the latest fashion. But I think even if I didn’t like ‘Elle’ I would still get it for the top because it looks so cute!

So if you’re like me and love the cheep freebies in magazines then defiantly go get this magazine because it really is a cute top!

Elle magazine - £3.60 (defiantly worth it for what you get!)

Take care x

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