Wednesday, 22 July 2009

My 10 quick tips No1.

My 10 quick tips is something I want to do more regularly, so i can share with you my beauty tips and secrets that i have found over the years that really do work and help alot! So heres your first batch.
Enjoy and i hope it helps some off you.

1. If you apply foundation to the whole of your eye area it will even out your skin and take some of the dark shadow away. Plus highlight your nose area and brow bone to make your face brighter.

2. If you use a brush to apply your make up, afterwards go over it with a sponge to get rid of any brush lines.

3. When washing your hair comb through your conditioner and leave it half an hour to make it smooth then rinse with one cold wash to add shine.

4. When your nails are looking abit yellow rub some white vinegar on them using some cotton wool.

5. For puffy eyes leave cucumber on for as long as possible as well as using a cold face mask.

6. To make lips soft mix together a spoon full and a half of sugar and one teaspoon of olive oil and use as a scub on the lips or use a tooth brush to rub of dry skin and your lips will plumpen and enrich their true colour.

7. If you have dry skin don’t use bars of soaps and avoid 'some' cheap washing up liquids instead use shower gel and wear gloves.

8. Smile when applying blush.

9. To reduce oil from your face mix together natural yogurt and crushed strawberries then apply and leave till dry then wash off, or separate an egg and apply the white to your face and wait until dry then wash off with warm water and then apply the yellow, wait till dry then wash with warm water. (If you are going to use the egg mask be sure to avoid eyes and mouth at all times!)

10. If you put tooth paste on spots for several days they will dry up and drop off. (Doesn’t work straight away so keep applying each day and it will eventually drop off.)

Take care x

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