Thursday, 9 July 2009

Fake nails.

As most of you know from my past shopping haul my mum and dad where having a doo to celebrate there anniversary and my dad’s birthday, so I wanted to try out some fake nails, I had then done before at a salon called ‘Snake hips’ and they where amazing except the price (£55). Instead of having all that done again and destroying my nails I wanted to just try some simple glue on nails from Superdrug.

The nails where called ‘Nailene – French Finish’ and they cost about £7.99 and from first look I thought they would be perfect... or not. But it’s not all bad so ill start with the good, In terms of the glue to start off with its really really strong and dry’s in seconds. It’s really easy to apply them and they do look really beautiful when they are on.

But there are some bad things like I said that defiantly put me off buying them again. For starters although the glue is strong and fast drying at first the glue seems to go everywhere and I ended up sticking my fingers together because of this. Also because the glues goes everywhere it then goes on your new nails when you stick them down, which you then can’t get off. So with your nails covered in glue it’s not a good start. After I had stuck them on the same day two nails fell off and I had to re-glue them! For £7.99 nails I expected them to last longer than a day? This then happened the next day again and also today one fell off so I’m not very impressed.

Even though there are alot of bad things they did look nice when they stayed on long enough!

I really don’t feel bad saying to you not to get this product because it’s really not worth it! If you have found them okay then that’s great but I feel that they are abit much for nails that aren’t going to last. Anyway this is just my opinion and I said I would be honest, we all have different ones but I hope this helped some of you.

Take care x

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