Friday, 24 July 2009

FOTD – Hairstyle, simple and quick.

I’ve been board of my hair for a week now and I just decided to try something different, simple and quick. So this is the look:

(Please excuse me and concentrate on the hair because I look abit ‘crapy’ today)

So it’s probably a common look most of you know, but for me it was just something I hadn’t tried and wanted to. It’s basically a simple plate done on the right hand side underneath the hair, you then clip the left hand side up and bring the plate across your forehead at which ever height you wish. Then simply clip it to the left hand side with a bobby pin and let both sides of your hair down. You shouldn’t be able to see any clips or where the plate starts.

That was my quick hairstyle I hope some of you like it and want to try it because it is quick and easy and looks pretty.
Take care x

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