Monday, 6 July 2009

MakeupJUNKEEs giveaway contest!

A few days ago I came across ‘MakeupJUNKEE’s blog’ and noticed she was having a contest so I decided to enter as I really like her blog and it’s a really fun contest which I really just wanted to enter for the fun of the question. I defiantly think you should all give it ago for abit of fun!

The rules are as followed:

1. The contest will end on July 19th at 8.00pm California time (which would be about 3.00pm in the United Kingdom).
2. She must have at least 3 entries so she can do the ‘give away.’
3. You must be a follower to enter if not just click the follow button and then enter.
4. You must repost these rules on you blog along with a link back to her blog.
5. To enter you have to just click her comments and type your answer.
6. Lastly the question she asks for the contest is: ‘Tell me something funny or embarrassing that had happened to you.’

So for those of you who are interested here is the link 'MakeupJUNKEE’s blog give away' even if you don’t wish to enter her contest I think you should have a read of her blog as it’s really good! Anyway good luck to those of you who enter it should be fun to read all the comments and I can’t wait to share mine as it is a true blonde moment for me.

Take care x

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