Saturday, 25 July 2009

Gone fishing...

Hey guys just a quick update to let you know tomorrow morning I will be off on holiday! I’m taking a camping/fishing trip out to Yorkshire with my boyfriend and family so I will be back by next Saturday. I wish you all a good week and I will be back with pictures for you!
In the mean time everyone keep up your amazing blogs :D.

Take care x

Friday, 24 July 2009

Grey Nails?

Whilst looking at my pink nails one day I decided I was board of the same old nail polishes and wanted something completely new and different from anything I’ve had before.

So first things first where do I start.... which cosmetic range has the best selection of colours... hmm ... ah yes Barry M of cause *big smiles.*

As most of you know by now from my previous post Barry M have an amazing selection of colours! In every colour you could think!

Time to decided... Pink – got, Blue – got, Orange – no, Green – nah, Gray?
Out of all the colours the gray stood out at me and I have to say I’m still after a week in love with the colour. I think it’s a just a lovely simple everyday colour for night, day and even work.

(Please excuse my bad phone I couldn’t find my camera.)

Again I recommend any of Barry M cosmetics because for one they are beautiful and have amazing colours but most important they last! I hate it when you buy a nail polish and it lasts a matter of hours! But I can promise Barry M last days!

Take care x


So I did my hairstyle of the day and I ment to post my favourite out fit of the day a few days back but ran out of time so I thought I would do it now.

(Again pleases excuse me)

So I’m basically wearing:
Top: From Topshop £27.99
Cardigan: New look £11.00
Bottoms: Dark blue skinnys Dorothy Perkins £28.00 (sorry you can’t see)
Shoes: Primark £5.00 (white pumps again sorry you can't see)
Necklace: Accessorize £8.00 Pink tea cup plus necklace from my boyfriend (never taken off)

I love the outfit I think it works really well for the everyday life and possibly work life to.
Hope you liked and enjoyed, I always like seeing people’s favourite outfits because it gives me ideas for mine so i hope i helped you :).

Take care x

FOTD – Hairstyle, simple and quick.

I’ve been board of my hair for a week now and I just decided to try something different, simple and quick. So this is the look:

(Please excuse me and concentrate on the hair because I look abit ‘crapy’ today)

So it’s probably a common look most of you know, but for me it was just something I hadn’t tried and wanted to. It’s basically a simple plate done on the right hand side underneath the hair, you then clip the left hand side up and bring the plate across your forehead at which ever height you wish. Then simply clip it to the left hand side with a bobby pin and let both sides of your hair down. You shouldn’t be able to see any clips or where the plate starts.

That was my quick hairstyle I hope some of you like it and want to try it because it is quick and easy and looks pretty.
Take care x

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Waiting for NYX order.

I’m currently waiting for an order from a new NYX website. This is a new website that I recently found so it’s not on my previous post on NYX websites. The website is called ‘’ and she sells pretty much every single NYX item which is great and so very very cheap!! I’ve now been waiting a week an abit so it should be here hopefully by the end of the week *fingers crossed.*

So as soon as I get it I will be giving you a full review plus swatches as I purchased alot! Also I’ll let you know about shipping and the website itself.

Take care x

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

My 10 quick tips No1.

My 10 quick tips is something I want to do more regularly, so i can share with you my beauty tips and secrets that i have found over the years that really do work and help alot! So heres your first batch.
Enjoy and i hope it helps some off you.

1. If you apply foundation to the whole of your eye area it will even out your skin and take some of the dark shadow away. Plus highlight your nose area and brow bone to make your face brighter.

2. If you use a brush to apply your make up, afterwards go over it with a sponge to get rid of any brush lines.

3. When washing your hair comb through your conditioner and leave it half an hour to make it smooth then rinse with one cold wash to add shine.

4. When your nails are looking abit yellow rub some white vinegar on them using some cotton wool.

5. For puffy eyes leave cucumber on for as long as possible as well as using a cold face mask.

6. To make lips soft mix together a spoon full and a half of sugar and one teaspoon of olive oil and use as a scub on the lips or use a tooth brush to rub of dry skin and your lips will plumpen and enrich their true colour.

7. If you have dry skin don’t use bars of soaps and avoid 'some' cheap washing up liquids instead use shower gel and wear gloves.

8. Smile when applying blush.

9. To reduce oil from your face mix together natural yogurt and crushed strawberries then apply and leave till dry then wash off, or separate an egg and apply the white to your face and wait until dry then wash off with warm water and then apply the yellow, wait till dry then wash with warm water. (If you are going to use the egg mask be sure to avoid eyes and mouth at all times!)

10. If you put tooth paste on spots for several days they will dry up and drop off. (Doesn’t work straight away so keep applying each day and it will eventually drop off.)

Take care x

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

A little bit of dazzle.

So I stopped off at super drug to pick up a Barry M nail polish and I noticed they had an offer on the dazzle dusts, the deal was 3 for £9.99 I think which works out about £3.50 less, not bad really. I haven’t ever used dazzle dusts before so I thought it would be a great chance to try them out.

I picked up three different colours to try out and I really like them! Most of you know the dazzle dusts are in two groups the ‘Fine’ dazzle dust and the normal, fine dazzle dusts simply mean it’s a softer colour but also not such big chunks of glitter so to speak. So the fine dust is going to be better if you just want a hint of colour and not too much. Normal basically is completely different instead of being small it has thick and rich pigments and really pretty bright bold colours which is nice if you’re looking to add alot of colour to your lid.

So the first colour I picked up is number '27' in the normal dazzle dust and I picked it up because it’s a really pretty simple white. I thought it would be great to mix with other colours as a top layer or a corner dot.

Next was again from the normal range and is number '3', now this colour court my eye with its beautiful colour and rich pigments I just thought it was a really nice summer colour and just different to anything I’ve ever had before. The only thing is in the picture below it looks pink but it’s actually a peachy kind of colour.

Lastly from the fine section I got number '5', a pretty baby blue colour and I just thought it would be great used as an eyeliner on the top or bottom. I have actually used it on the bottom lid and it looked really pretty I have to say. Because it’s not rich in colour it’s a nice colour to possibly cover your whole top lid without it looking just full of glitter and bright colours.

I really like the range I picked out because as most of you know Barry M have an amazing rainbow selection of colours in all there make up range and sometimes it’s hard to just go away with one or two things. I nearly took the whole range but I thought I would collect it bit by bit and review.

So as Barry M would say “Wake up your make up!”

Take care x

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Bride wars review!

This is a quick review on the film ‘Bride wars’ because I love love love it! I think it’s a really good film, it has a really nice story line, very funny and fab make up!

The story line is about two women who have been best friends all their lives and ever since they were little have wanted to get married. So that day comes when both their boyfriends propose *aww* and they both go to the top wedding planner were they chose there dates in June. Later that day they both get a phone call telling them there weddings have been booked on the same day! So it all goes wrong from there, the two bestfriends then start doing silly little pranks on each other which are very funny! But I wan't say what because I really want you all to see the film for yourself.

Finally there wedding day happens and it goes wrong for one of the girls who then realises she doesn’t want to marry him anyway and misses her bestfriend. You can probably guess the ending, they become friends again and later on have a baby on the same day.

I really do think this is a nice funny, soppy film and is now my favourite film so I defiantly recommend you seeing it if it’s your kind of thing!

Take care x

Fake nails.

As most of you know from my past shopping haul my mum and dad where having a doo to celebrate there anniversary and my dad’s birthday, so I wanted to try out some fake nails, I had then done before at a salon called ‘Snake hips’ and they where amazing except the price (£55). Instead of having all that done again and destroying my nails I wanted to just try some simple glue on nails from Superdrug.

The nails where called ‘Nailene – French Finish’ and they cost about £7.99 and from first look I thought they would be perfect... or not. But it’s not all bad so ill start with the good, In terms of the glue to start off with its really really strong and dry’s in seconds. It’s really easy to apply them and they do look really beautiful when they are on.

But there are some bad things like I said that defiantly put me off buying them again. For starters although the glue is strong and fast drying at first the glue seems to go everywhere and I ended up sticking my fingers together because of this. Also because the glues goes everywhere it then goes on your new nails when you stick them down, which you then can’t get off. So with your nails covered in glue it’s not a good start. After I had stuck them on the same day two nails fell off and I had to re-glue them! For £7.99 nails I expected them to last longer than a day? This then happened the next day again and also today one fell off so I’m not very impressed.

Even though there are alot of bad things they did look nice when they stayed on long enough!

I really don’t feel bad saying to you not to get this product because it’s really not worth it! If you have found them okay then that’s great but I feel that they are abit much for nails that aren’t going to last. Anyway this is just my opinion and I said I would be honest, we all have different ones but I hope this helped some of you.

Take care x

Magazine freebie!

After doing my normal Saturday shopping spree I nearly always get a magazine and of cause I did. For one I love magazines purely for updates, news, fashion and the freebies! In the United Kingdom it is a common thing in the top fashion magazines to put in freebies such as bags, make up, jewellery, clothes and nail polishes. Now I have to say I do love freebies although they aren’t going to be the best quality I still think they are nice little gifts that make the magazine that little bit nicer.

So anyway I noticed as it’s that holiday time again that once again magazines are bringing in alot of summer freebies for us girls! I was looking through then all and I nearly went for a summer bag but then I spotted the August version of ‘Elle’ and it had this really really pretty top and I just had to get it! It was the cutest little pale blue top with gathering in the middle.

Plus! yes there’s a plus, it came with two magazines not one but two! Which was even better. I myself love the ‘Elle’ magazine because they are simply packed full of ideas and all the latest fashion. But I think even if I didn’t like ‘Elle’ I would still get it for the top because it looks so cute!

So if you’re like me and love the cheep freebies in magazines then defiantly go get this magazine because it really is a cute top!

Elle magazine - £3.60 (defiantly worth it for what you get!)

Take care x

Monday, 6 July 2009

MakeupJUNKEEs giveaway contest!

A few days ago I came across ‘MakeupJUNKEE’s blog’ and noticed she was having a contest so I decided to enter as I really like her blog and it’s a really fun contest which I really just wanted to enter for the fun of the question. I defiantly think you should all give it ago for abit of fun!

The rules are as followed:

1. The contest will end on July 19th at 8.00pm California time (which would be about 3.00pm in the United Kingdom).
2. She must have at least 3 entries so she can do the ‘give away.’
3. You must be a follower to enter if not just click the follow button and then enter.
4. You must repost these rules on you blog along with a link back to her blog.
5. To enter you have to just click her comments and type your answer.
6. Lastly the question she asks for the contest is: ‘Tell me something funny or embarrassing that had happened to you.’

So for those of you who are interested here is the link 'MakeupJUNKEE’s blog give away' even if you don’t wish to enter her contest I think you should have a read of her blog as it’s really good! Anyway good luck to those of you who enter it should be fun to read all the comments and I can’t wait to share mine as it is a true blonde moment for me.

Take care x